Is composite decking as beautiful as wood decking?

September 14th, 2014

Beautiful FiberonOf course, as you are building your dream outdoor oasis, you want your deck to be both functional and beautiful.

A deck is, after all, an extension of your home. There is no question that traditional wood decking is stunning when it is well maintained.

Tropical and exotic woods are striking, and the rich color of oiled hardwood, or the weathered pale grey, can complement any home and backyard.

Composite decking is also very beautiful, but comes without the hassle of wood maintenance. Composite decking comes in many colors and styles. Some composite materials mimic wood grain and others are monochromatic or multi-chromatic.

Composite decking can also be hyper-realistic to resemble a tropical hardwood without the labor-intensive upkeep.

Composite decking offers variation and interesting architectural design possibilities. Contractors and homeowners alike enjoy the creativity that composite decking offers.

From classic to contemporary, traditional grains to exotic hardwoods, composite decking can give you the look you love no matter what your style.

Check out our Design Idea Tool or visit our gallery to see the variety of composite decking options we have to offer.

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Your DIY Outdoor Man Cave

September 11th, 2014

Make the ultimate outdoor man caveDust off that jersey. NFL season is here.

That means it’s time to plop down in a recliner, scarf nachos and bean dip, and throw back a few beverages with friends and family.

Really, there are few things more satisfying than cheering on your favorite team.

What’s the only thing that would make the whole football season experience better? If you could enjoy it on your Fiberon outdoor living space.

Scratch that, let’s call this an outdoor man cave—a sanctuary where you can enjoy hanging out and relaxing as game season heats up. Read the rest of this entry »

What is the cost for wood and composite decking?

September 7th, 2014

Cost of CompositesIn 2013, Consumer Reports ran several articles and reviews comparing wood decking to alternative decking materials.

They reported that pressure-treated pine is very popular and very inexpensive. However, the pressure treated wood changes quickly and has shortest deck life expectancy. The initial cost for pressure treated wood is relatively low, and is very attractive to consumers. But the long-term costs for repairs, upkeep, and replacement tend to be very high.

Exotic hardwoods are very expensive, and their deck life span is much longer; however, exotic rich colored hardwoods require a great deal of work to not turn a gray and are often very difficult to maintain.

The initial cost of composite decking materials is competitive with hardwoods. However, the long-term costs are much lower. Composite decking has a very long life span with very little maintenance needed.

The cost of composite decking won’t break the bank, particularly when you consider the long-term savings.

To see beautiful, low maintenance composite decks built by our own FiberPROs, visit our contractor gallery today. Or better yet, design your own deck!

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Fiberon Decking Brings the Classroom Outside

September 5th, 2014

Blog 23Many Fiberon Decking families include kids. For them, it’s a crucial time now that the school bells have started ringing. Can you smell the sharpened pencils?

The beginning of the school year means renewed responsibilities for parents and children. Packing lunches, meeting with teachers, and making sure study time happens…

It’s a lot to handle.

When we hear stories from homeowners who love Fiberon’s composite decking, the kids are often the most important part. We love to hear about backyard baseball games, birthday parties, and storytelling that happens by the firepit…

But your outdoor living space is so much more than that.

When it comes to your kids’ education, your Fiberon deck is the perfect place for relaxed study time. While your deck is an “anti-work” zone, your favorite student will enjoy an outdoor education.

After all, a quality education leads to living the Good Life every day. Want to know how to make your deck a little homework haven for your child? Keep reading!


For best homework practices, change the environment 

Kids sit at a desk all day. And much like you feel tired of your office, students need a new space. Your deck is a brand-new environment for your child. In this relaxed atmosphere, your little Einstein can curl up with his English reading on a nice wicker chair.

Our environment impacts our knowledge retention. While most teachers and academic scholars maintain it’s important to eliminate distractions, it’s still of paramount importance to let your child relax.

Can you think of a better place for R&R than your deck? Not to mention…

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There’s an amazing benefit to outdoor education!

According to a book published by St. Mary’s College of Maryland professor Alun Oliver, there’s much to be learned from the outdoors. Our environment dictates our mood, and when your kid remains in a tranquil state, he’ll get more out of his homework.

Especially if you have younger children in your household, your outdoor living space is the ideal spot to work with them on projects. From finger painting to clay molding to science projects, you can use your deck as a secondary classroom.

And of course, if your little one hasn’t hit the kindergarten steps just yet, get them prepared! Read to your child on your outdoor living space. Foster that love of creativity and imagination, and you’ll have a kid who loves to learn every single day.


Give your kids the Good Life!


Which decking materials are eco-friendly?

September 3rd, 2014

EcoFriendlyToday, people are making the decision to make their homes and their lifestyles more eco-friendly.

Many building material manufacturers are being more “green” and homeowners get the added benefit of knowing they are using materials made of recycled plastics and wood that don’t require the chemicals to keep it safe and looking great.

For decking material to be “eco-friendly,” it must be produced in such a way that it does not have a negative impact on the environment.

Pressure-treated wood has been the most common decking material used in the past, but the process of making the wood “pressure- treated” is  still a safety concern even with newer technologies such as micronized copper technology.

To make the material suitable for outdoor flooring use and resistant to bug infestation, pressure-treated wood is injected with chemicals. Wood treated with chemicals cannot be burned or recycled when its deck-life is complete.

Composite decking is made from polyethylene (i.e. milk jugs, shampoo bottles, grocery store bags and laundry detergent containers) combined with wood flour (i.e. scrap from window trim, doorframes, lumber, and cabinet pieces). Here at Fiberon, we use only locally sourced recycled materials, and at present, we have opened our own decking materials recycling facility.

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The making of composite decking is virtually waste-free, and the product contains no toxic chemicals.

Thousands of tons of wood and plastics are diverted from landfills and incinerators each year in the composite deck manufacturing process.

Because of the use of pre- and post-consumer recycled materials, composite decks are considered a more environmentally- friendly product for deck building. They are also built to last and contribute to a lower carbon footprint.

Learn more about Fiberon’s environmentally friendly manufacturing process and the GREEN points that are contributed towards building certifications when building with Fiberon decking, railing and fencing products.

Fiberon Chairs at Southern Living’s Palmetto Bluff Idea House

September 1st, 2014

Blog27Fiberon chairs? Aren’t we a decking company?

When it comes to innovation, and making the very most out of your outdoor living space, there’s no limit to imagination.

If you’re a reader of Southern Living magazine, you’ll soon see Fiberon’s composite decking featured…

But not in deck form! Actually, Southern Living used our eco-friendly, durable, and elegant composite materials to construct a set of chairs. Much like our decking products, these chairs are built to last.

On display at the Palmetto Bluff Idea House in South Carolina, this “Fiberon furniture” joins a gorgeous array of beautifully designed accents, breathtaking architecture, and sheer inspiration.

We can’t say it any better than Lindsey Bierman, Editor of Southern Living magazine. She describes the area:

Blog 27-2“Palmetto exemplifies Lowcountry living in the Carolinas. The preserved surroundings set the standard in conscientious development. It is the perfect setting to reveal our 2014 Idea House this summer. The marriage of the clean lines of Pursley Dixon Architecture and the sophisticated interior design by Suzanne Kasler will offer a fresh look that we can’t wait to reveal here at Southern Living.”

We especially love the IDEAs featured in this house, and we are more than honored to be listed as a key contributor.

When it comes to your own outdoor living space, it’s all about your personality. As we watch our designers and contractors go to work, we love to see brilliant ideas flourish. When the time comes to add “the most important room” to a home, it only works if the owner feels that their outdoor living space is 100% their own.

Do you have a vision for your outdoor living space? How do you want to spend the most precious hours of the day with friends and family?

Whatever picture you have in your mind, we exist to turn that projection into reality. Really, the possibilities are endless. If you’ve got an imagination, you can have a beautiful deck that fits your exact vision.

These Fiberon chairs are living proof of the possibilities that composite materials bring to the world. As wooden chairs fade, break, and splinter, a composite chair will last for decades.

FiberPro Spotlight: Lenzi Construction & Remodeling

August 27th, 2014

It’s difficult to pinpoint just one thing to love about outdoor living spaces.

When it comes to having “a place all your own” at your home, what matters most is that your deck fits your specifications.

That’s why Fiberon uses a design your dream deck tool that allows you to bring the vision you have to life. Innovative, creative, and wholly yours—that’s exactly what the professional builders do at Lenzi Construction & Remodeling.

We’re shining the FiberPRO Spotlight on the amazing Lenzi Construction & Remodeling, because the company embodies the idea of custom decking.

What does custom decking mean exactly? If you take a look at the work done by this FiberPRO, you’ll see that the decks they build come from the homeowner’s vision.

Blog 25But that’s not the only reason that we love what Lenzi Construction & Remodeling has to offer. The FiberPRO also believes in the lasting benefits of composite decking.

We couldn’t agree more with this statement on their website: We’re a proud Fiberon deck builder, installer, and deck designer. We’ve found Fiberon decks stand up to the harsh weather extremes we experience in New Hampshire and throughout New England.


We love the fact that one of our favorite FiberPROs believes that an outdoor living space should not only be unique and beautiful, but also sustainable as the years pass by.

How much would you enjoy something if you knew that in a couple of years, you’d have to make an expensive upgrade?

When you mix our composite decking products with the level of craftsmanship Lenzi Construction offers, you’ll never have to worry about replacement or laborious painting or staining every year or two.

If you’re in the New Hampshire area, and you’re looking for the ultimate home improvement experience…

Check Out Lenzi Construction & Remodeling!


How safe is a wood deck versus a composite deck?

August 25th, 2014


There are so many things to consider when building a deck, and the safety of your family is a major factor.

We, at Fiberon, conduct surveys of our deck owners, and when asked why they choose a composite deck, many have said “because it is splinter-free.”

If you have pets or children, splinters are an issue. Wood deck owners often cite that splinters, rotting, warping, or cracking as key reasons for concern.

When you make an investment in a deck, you are going to use it as an extension of your home. The last thing you should be thinking about is safety issues.

Not only is our composite decking and railing toxin-free, it is splinter-free and rot-resistant.

View some of our beautiful, composite decks and railing and design your own perfect deck to meet the needs of your family.


Fiberon Dealer Spotlight: Rocky Mountain Forest Products

August 21st, 2014

Blog 26We love to take notice of how our Fiberon dealers help their clients. In the case of Rocky Mountain Forest Products, the company has served over One Million customers in the last 40 years!

It’s clear that they believe what Fiberon believes: your outdoor living space is a zero-work zone.

This is one of the many reasons we’re showcasing Rocky Mountain Forest Products in this edition of the Fiberon Dealer Spotlight.

When you spend all your time with upkeep on your wood deck, your outdoor living space becomes a source of frustration, not a place to hang out with people you care about. Read the rest of this entry »

How durable is wood decking versus composite decking?

August 17th, 2014

DurabilityWhen you are in the market for a new deck, you may be wondering about the durability of wood decking versus composite decking.

If you have owned a wood deck, then you are no stranger to the amount of work required to keep it weather and insect resistant.

Wood decks are prone to damage from rot, weather, insect infestations, and regular use.

Wood deck owners spend hours maintaining their deck, not to mention the money needed for this upkeep. Read the rest of this entry »