Let’s Talk Good Life Railing Design

October 23rd, 2014

Good Life RailingOK, we admit it…

We’re a little biased about Good Life Railing, and not because it’s Fiberon’s newest product.

To be honest, we feel as if Good Life Railing’s design is the Mona Lisa of composite railing. (Take a gander at the white deck railing masterpiece.)

Making its debut at Remodeling Show and Deck Expo in Baltimore this October, the design element of Good Life Railing will be what draws attention. When it comes to outdoor living space construction, builders and homeowners want beauty, durability, and easy setup.

Want to know how Good Life Railing makes that happen? Keep reading.


Good Life Railing Has a Versatile Look

Good Life Railing in classic white offers a sculpted top rail profile perfect for dressing up decks, porches, balconies and stairs. Available with white composite balusters, Good Life pairs well with any architectural style.

In this way, Good Life Railing is the perfect addition to any outdoor living space, no matter what size or color scheme. What’s not to love about that?


Good Life Railing Has a 25-Year Guarantee Good Life Railing Has a 20-Year Guarantee

Good Life consists of a premium composite substructure with a permanent PVC finish for a beautiful, sturdy, and safe surround. Imagine that, after installation, you have a gorgeous railing that lasts for decades…

Well, that’s what the Good Life Railing gives you! With a 20-year guarantee, you’ll enjoy the white sculpted design for years and years. You might even be a grandparent by the time you’re ready to make an upgrade. 


Good Life Railing Has Easier Installation

Good Life installs quickly and easily with drop-in balusters and matching rail collars. Just because it’s easier to install doesn’t mean it’s quick to weather! Good Life Railing makes the construction portion a breeze.

After it goes up, it stays up. That might be our favorite part of the Good Life Railing design. Come check it out at the Fiberon-Sponsored Remodeling Show and Deck Expo.

Good Life Railing Sample

The Good Life of Autumn

October 14th, 2014

Blog 24As the summer heat falls by the wayside, it’s time to celebrate the days of orange and brown leaves, jack-o-lanterns, and pumpkin spice lattes.

And of course, who isn’t excited to put on a Halloween mask?

We hope you celebrate the Good Life every day, and the arrival of autumn is yet another reason to get on your Fiberon deck for some fun once the nights get a little crisper.

But not all autumns are the same! Depending on where you live, you may experience something different. No matter which region you call home, you can have yourself a Good Life party.


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A Waterside Outdoor Living Space

October 7th, 2014

Waterside Outdoor Living SpaceWhen you’re searching for a home, you may factor in its proximity to water. There’s a reason for that…

When it comes to our most joyful moments in life, much of the time, water is a part of our memories.

Whether those recollections are of kids splashing in the ocean or a nighttime swim with that special someone, we love to spend time around lakes, pools, ponds, and oceans.

Why not build more of those fond memories by making your Fiberon deck a waterside oasis? Read the rest of this entry »

Adding a Hot Tub to Your Outdoor Living Space

September 30th, 2014

Fiberon Hot TubImagine your outdoor living space is equipped with the quintessential spot for relaxation and fun.

A bubbling hot tub awaits when you leave the office, or when you step out for an evening of downtime. Heck, you could practically spend your whole weekend soaking in the foam.

We’ll just add this here: hot tubs are romantic! So that said… Read the rest of this entry »

Deck Building Tips for the Fall Season

September 22nd, 2014

Deck Building Tips for FallIn honor of the autumn season beginning on September 22, many homeowners and deck builders are looking to build or upgrade their outdoor living space as the weather cools down.

So before you head out to get your flannel shirt, UGG boots, and pumpkin spice lattes, learn everything you need to know about constructing an outdoor living space in the autumn season.

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What is a FiberPRO?

September 19th, 2014

When you decide to build a deck, there are a lot of questions that can run through your mind.

Why kind of deck should I build? What materials should I use? Who is going to build my deck? How do I find a builder that I can trust?

That last question is a biggie. Hiring a builder is very delicate. The person you ultimately hire will become a huge part of your life, even for a short while. There will be design plans, permits, and the building process.

You are, after all, creating the outdoor living space of your dreams. And you are placing your trust in the hands of your builder.

Hiring a FiberPRO eliminates the guesswork.

Who should you hire? A FiberPRO.

Why? Because our FiberPROs know our products like no other, and their craftsmanship, creativity, and artistry are unparalleled. Read the rest of this entry »

Is composite decking as beautiful as wood decking?

September 14th, 2014

Beautiful FiberonOf course, as you are building your dream outdoor oasis, you want your deck to be both functional and beautiful.

A deck is, after all, an extension of your home. There is no question that traditional wood decking is stunning when it is well maintained.

Tropical and exotic woods are striking, and the rich color of oiled hardwood, or the weathered pale grey, can complement any home and backyard.

Composite decking is also very beautiful, but comes without the hassle of wood maintenance. Composite decking comes in many colors and styles. Some composite materials mimic wood grain and others are monochromatic or multi-chromatic. Read the rest of this entry »

Your DIY Outdoor Man Cave

September 11th, 2014

Make the ultimate outdoor man caveDust off that jersey. NFL season is here.

That means it’s time to plop down in a recliner, scarf nachos and bean dip, and throw back a few beverages with friends and family.

Really, there are few things more satisfying than cheering on your favorite team.

What’s the only thing that would make the whole football season experience better? If you could enjoy it on your Fiberon outdoor living space.

Scratch that, let’s call this an outdoor man cave—a sanctuary where you can enjoy hanging out and relaxing as game season heats up. Read the rest of this entry »

What is the cost for wood and composite decking?

September 7th, 2014

Cost of CompositesIn 2013, Consumer Reports ran several articles and reviews comparing wood decking to alternative decking materials.

They reported that pressure-treated pine is very popular and very inexpensive. However, the pressure treated wood changes quickly and has shortest deck life expectancy. The initial cost for pressure treated wood is relatively low, and is very attractive to consumers. But the long-term costs for repairs, upkeep, and replacement tend to be very high.

Exotic hardwoods are very expensive, and their deck life span is much longer; however, exotic rich colored hardwoods require a great deal of work to not turn a gray and are often very difficult to maintain. Read the rest of this entry »

Fiberon Decking Brings the Classroom Outside

September 5th, 2014

Blog 23Many Fiberon Decking families include kids. For them, it’s a crucial time now that the school bells have started ringing. Can you smell the sharpened pencils?

The beginning of the school year means renewed responsibilities for parents and children. Packing lunches, meeting with teachers, and making sure study time happens…

It’s a lot to handle.

When we hear stories from homeowners who love Fiberon’s composite decking, the kids are often the most important part. We love to hear about backyard baseball games, birthday parties, and storytelling that happens by the firepit…

But your outdoor living space is so much more than that.

When it comes to your kids’ education, your Fiberon deck is the perfect place for relaxed study time. While your deck is an “anti-work” zone, your favorite student will enjoy an outdoor education.

After all, a quality education leads to living the Good Life every day. Want to know how to make your deck a little homework haven for your child? Keep reading! Read the rest of this entry »