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Big Announcement: Time to Share Your #PetsOnDeck

Friday, August 8th, 2014


Puck the Borzoi

Fiberon decks are intended for anyone who likes to have a little fun in life.


And there’s no one that enjoys a good time like your four-legged companion.


When it comes to the good life, it’s all about family and friends, and our pets fit both of those descriptions


That’s why we’re thrilled to announce Fiberon’s #PetsOnDeck campaign!

Frogs on Deck

If you have a furry friend in you family, bring her out on your Fiberon outdoor living space!


If you have a dog who loves to hang out on your wicker lounge chair, we want to see her.


If you have a cat who naps in your hammock, share that picture with our community.


Got a goat, a sea turtle, a python, or a beta fish? You can share those #PetsOnDeck pictures with the world, too.


Here’s how it works:


  1. Take photos of your furry (or scaly) best friend while she’s hanging out on your outdoor living space.
  2. Email your pictures to with the name of your pet and where you live.
  3. Then follow and view our Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to see your pet’s celebrity début.
  4. Join in the social conversation with the hashtags #PetsOnDeck, #Fiberon, and #DeckLove.


It’s that easy, and it will be loads of fun.

Paul's Dog on Deck (4)


So why are we doing this #PetsOnDeck social media campaign?


For one, we love to see animals loving life. But we also like to form a stronger community among the families who love Fiberon.


Animals make life more fulfilling. It’s that simple.


Whether your cat nuzzles around your neck after a long day, or your dog looks at you like you know all the answers…


Well, it’s a shining example of how we all should get along with each other. We think it’s a great idea to make your deck a place for the whole family, and that includes the members who have more than two legs (or even gills!)


Want the world to see how cute your pet is?


Come on, admit it: you know that your dog or cat is the cutest thing on the planet. So why not show him off on your outdoor living space?


Just share pictures of your pets playing and napping on your deck with the hashtag #PetsOnDeck, and you’ll get in on the action. To prove that your pet is the most adorable, we’ve got some ideas…


Put a tutu on your bulldog or a straw hat on your cat. Up the ante on the cute factor, and who knows how far your photo will spread? The next Grumpy Cat may be in your living room right now…


So take a picture of her, and share it on social media with the hashtag #PetsOnDeck. Show her off to the world in style.


We can’t wait to see your furry friends hanging out on your composite decking oasis, so…

Share pictures of your #PetsOnDeck

Celebrate Back to School on Your Outdoor Living Space

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Sharpen the pencils and pack the lunches, because kids are headed back to school this month. For several students, school days may have already begun.

Summer gives you more-than-enough reasons to spend time on your outdoor living space, and “back to school” season is yet another one.

Even though your kiddos may sigh that their vacation is coming to a close, there’s still room for celebration on your Fiberon deck. Whether you celebrate all the fun you’ve already had, or you’re giving your kid one last hurrah, your composite decking oasis is the place to party.

Not sure how to start the school year off right? No problem, your friends at Fiberon are here to lend a helpful hand. This is how you and your kids will enjoy the good life before that first school bell rings.


Celebrate Endings and Beginnings with a Backyard Grill Out

Blog 20-1The thing about the good life is, it constantly evolves. When one good thing ends, another begins. Even though most kids love summer vacation, many want to get back to seeing their friends in the hallway.

So what if vacation is over? The fun is still happening!

Our advice: transition from one bit of fun to the next with a backyard grill out. Throw some steaks, burgers, hot dogs, and kebobs on the grill, and send your kid off to school the right way.


Set a Tone of Celebration 

Your kid may be sick of hearing about how it’s important to get off on a good foot, form good habits early on, and set the right tone for the school year ahead. But when you have a Fiberon deck, you don’t have to tell them anything about that…

You can show them!

When it comes to setting the right tone, it’s best to start with celebration. After all, isn’t that what life is really all about? Throw a party for your returning student on your outdoor living space. Throw up some balloons, streamers, and cook up a pizza if you really want to celebrate in style.

The point is that when you throw a back to school party, you’re really celebrating your child. And that’s exactly what she needs to be successful in life.


Kindergarten Sendoff Extravaganza

Kid turning five? We won’t tell anyone if your ever-so-slightly excited about him headed off the Kindergarten. Time flies, doesn’t it? Now your child is ready to face challenges, do homework, and learn about the world.

And guess what else? You’ll have more free time to spend on your outdoor living space from Fiberon! If that’s not a reason to party, what is?

Your kid is about to embark on a 13-year journey, and when she walks the line before college, your kindergarten extravaganza will be one of her first and fondest memories.

For this kind of deck party, we highly recommend the sweet stuff. We’re talking about crayon-shaped cookies, cakes baked in the shape of pencils, etc. Tell the truth: it’s not just your kindergartner who loves sweets.  Shhh…we won’t reveal your secret.

No matter what you choose to celebrate, it’s all about your kids enjoying life. And we hope they always do.

Fiberon Joins NGHTV & Host Ty Pennington for Composite Dock-Building Fun

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Fiberon DockThis summer, Fiberon composite decking is moving from the backyard to the seashore.

At Fiberon HQ, we like to think that your outdoor living space is about an opportunity for fun and relaxation. When it comes to celebrating the good life, why stop in your backyard?

That’s why we’re headed to the high seas for some serious dock-building fun with Ty Pennington.

If you’re a home improvement junky, you know Ty Pennington’s work. He’s the spiky-haired character from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Trading Spaces.

Fiberon is providing the material to build the dock in an episode hosted by Ty Pennington. If you’ve got a boat, or you’re up for some marina-time fun, you’re in luck. First thing’s first: what’s the difference between decking and docking?


When it comes to Fiberon’s durable and environmentally friendly composite decks, there’s no substitute. Our quality material works perfectly for aquatic locales! Unlike wood, there’s never the costly maintenance of staining or painting, never the worry of splinters from aging wood, and never the safety concerns of rotted boards from being in constant contact with water.

Blog 13- 2But there IS a difference when it comes to the functionality. When you design your own composite deck, you think about how you’ll spend your evenings. Maybe you’re a griller, or maybe you’re a swimmer.

Bottom line: when you conceptualize your decking design, you give yourself the ultimate upgrade to your backyard.

On the other hand, docking has a different kind of function. Given the proximity to water, you have to think about what surrounds your creation.

From tethering boats to fishing, we build docks that are as beautiful as they are functional. As you can tell by the picture above, composite decking materials can be grand in scale, especially when it comes to dock locations.

If you’ve got waterside property, a dock will be just the addition you’re looking for. Think of yourself with a fishing pole propped up on a Saturday afternoon. (That sounds like a blast!)

Or on the other hand…

Blog 13-3Imagine listening to the churning of the water as you read a novel. When it comes to composite decking, the possibilities are truly endless. Since our material is so versatile, you can do so many things to enrich your life.

As you’ll see once we begin work with Ty Pennington this summer, our composite decking allows you to live the good life, no matter where you live and what suits your fancy.

 Want to design your own composite decking space?

Check this out!

The Weiss Family Wins $20,000 Fiberon Composite Deck

Monday, July 28th, 2014

Congrats to Martin Weiss and his family! With thousands of votes and social media shares for his Deck Day video, the Weiss family will take home $20,000 worth of Fiberon’s composite decking products.


Well over 16,000 people voted in our Deck Day Giveaway video contest, and sufficed to say, everyone had a blast. With all the Facebook shares and Tweets, so many outdoor living space enthusiasts were pulling for their favorites, and having a great time doing it.


Speaking of fun, that’s what Martin Weiss’ video entry is all about. When it comes to outdoor living spaces, it’s all about the little moments you share with others. Martin’s video highlights father and son bonding, baseball games, cookouts, gardening, dog playtime, holiday celebrations, and more.





For the Weiss family, their outdoor living space is just that, a living space. And since this young couple, their kids, and pets spent so much time hanging out on the deck, it began to fall to pieces. (Because it wasn’t durable composite decking, but it soon will be!)


From flaking paint to warped boards to mold to nail pops, the deck this family loves so much needs a serious upgrade. Thanks to all the voting and social media sharing, that’s going to happen.

Blog 19


Now Martin won’t have to strap samples of Fiberon decking to his feet just to feel what it’s like to walk


around on durable, beautiful composite material. (Confused by that sentence? We would be too. )


On behalf of the entire Fiberon Decking team, we’re thrilled that the Weiss family will build more and more memories—only this time, the fun they share will happen on a brand new composite decking masterpiece.


Congrats to Martin and the gang! We’re excited to send you a brand new $20,000 outdoor living space. Oh, and if the Weiss family is reading this, send us some more hilarious videos once the new deck is installed!


Who Will Win the $20,000 Deck Day Giveaway?

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Meet the 10 finalists for Fiberon’s $20,000 Deck Day Giveaway.

It’s so hard to pick a favorite. One thing is crystal clear: all of these families deserve a beautiful outdoor living space from Fiberon.

From rotted wooden planks to nail pops, some of these deck spaces need a little love. Other videos show how families like to come together on their deck (not to mention, you’ll also see a few of our furry friends hanging out.)

Without further ado, check out these videos!


Get ready to laugh, because this proud husband and father can make just about anyone chuckle. From baseball games to cookouts to romantic wine-sharing, this family truly loves their outdoor living space. But…they really, really need a new one. In fact, Dad is wearing Fiberon shoes to experience what our outdoor living spaces are like. Confused? Watch the video.


The Baker Family

Sue’s Deck Day Giveaway video…well, we loved it! Sue and her family obviously love the Fiberon lifestyle. From grilling to fire pit relaxation, the Baker Family (plus that cute dog) loves to spend their most-precious hours on their outdoor living space. But they need (and deserve) a larger and more functional Fiberon deck!


The Baker Family

With so much work done on the Baker Family’s backyard, it’s a pity that there’s nothing there to compliment the landscape. Take a look at Mr. Baker’s grilling skills, and you’ll immediately think, “Hey, wouldn’t those hotdogs be a little tastier if they were eaten on a Fiberon Deck?” We think so.


The Williams Family

This video is a little on the poetic side. And fair warning: this submission is CUTE. What’s not to love about that? The Williams Family gave us the most adorable video that will make anyone smile. The only problem: that wood deck is falling apart, and Fiberon could definitely take care of that.


The Ramirez Family

Shevon Ramirez wants a deck that’s bigger than a speck. Well, Fiberon could definitely handle that. The family loves to be outdoors and entertain, but that deck is smaller than a closet. Imagine the barbecues, the birthday parties, and all the celebrations that could happen on a brand new and more expansive outdoor living space.


The Cerny Family

This family is simply great. Two kids, two dogs, mom and dad. But there’s an addition coming to the Cerny clan: an adopted little girl from Bulgaria. With this exciting turn of events, Fiberon can make this growing family’s deck dreams come true.


The DeStefano Family

Ah, nothing like watching a musical collage of how the DeStefano Family uses their backyard retreat. Everything is perfect with tables, umbrellas, and a glistening swimming pool. But much like a horror film, their backyard deck turns into something otherworldly. With one turn of the camera, you see raised boards, splintering wood, and nail pops. Will Fiberon make this outdoor living space livable again?


“Backyard Paradise”

Move over Coolio, there’s a new rapper in town. She’s been spending “most her life dreaming of a backyard paradise.” Her rhymes deliver the cold hard truth about what’s happening on her current outdoor living space—from holes in the wood to splinters on the rail, this outdoor living space could definitely use the Fiberon touch.


The Dreyfus Family

The Dreyfus Family wants to use an outdoor living space to entertain, but that grill is much too far from the porch. With some composite decking additions, the new space would be an oasis for family get-togethers and entertaining.


Outdoor Serenity by Alan

These people sure know how to decorate! Plus, all the flowers and greenery would make an outdoor living space a real treasure. The problem: that deck could use a little Fiberon love.


Now for the big question…

Who should take home the $20,000 Deck Day Giveaway Prize?

Celebrate the Fourth on Your Outdoor Living Space

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Blog 12There’s nothing like a Fourth of July extravaganza hosted on your Fiberon outdoor living space: hotdogs blackening on the grill, a beer or lemonade glass sweating on the table, your friends and family watching the roman candles and sparklers light up the night.

Hey, the day off work isn’t so bad either.

With an opportunity for celebration right in your near future, Fiberon wants to help you squeeze the most joy, excitement, and relaxation out of your Fourth of July holiday.

Check out these deck time/fun time strategies we’ve come up with to help you celebrate patriotism, family, friends, and the good life.



Be Patriotic on Your Deck

You don’t have to dress up like George Washington (it’s too hot for that J). But you can celebrate your love of country in a number of ways. From food to decoration, show your love of the Stars and Stripes with a flag cake made with strawberries, blueberries, and white icing.

Or string up some red, white, and blue lights around your railing. If you’re feeling especially festive, stick some sparkler candles in a cake to celebrate the country’s birthday.

No matter what you do to show off your patriotism, the best way to celebrate is with the people you care about most. Speaking of which…


Celebrate with Safety

When it comes to the Fourth of July, your friends and family will enjoy the “bombs bursting in air.” But if you’re performing your own fireworks display, be sure to take the proper precautions.

Sure fireworks are colorful and fun, but don’t forget you’re still handling explosives. Many of the safety precautions are common sense, but when you factor kids and pets into the equation, you’ll want to keep a close eye on things. That said…

  1. Keep pets inside: For our canine friends especially, loud booms create anxiety. Keep them inside to induce calm feelings, and in doing so, you’ll make certain that Fido doesn’t run in front of the fireworks display.
  2.  Handle the big stuff yourself: Nothing wrong with your kiddo handling a sparkler; just make sure she doesn’t point it toward her face or at anyone else. When it comes to the shower sparks and the fireworks that explode midair, it’s best to let the adults light the fuse.


No Matter How You Celebrate, Make the Fourth an Event

No one likes to party alone. So when the Fourth rolls around, why not invite neighborhood friends, relatives, and others to your composite decking get-together?

One way to be patriotic, we think, is to form relationships with people, and show kindness. Opportunity and partnerships, that’s what America is all about, right? When you host a Fourth party on your deck, you’re showing people that the idea of community is alive and well.

When night falls over your outdoor living space, and the sky lights up in an array of colors, you’ll enjoy the look of awe on everyone’s face.


How do you plan to celebrate on your outdoor living space? For constant inspiration, check out our Pinterest page!

How Deck Lovers Celebrate the Official Start of Summer

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014


photo 1

June 21 marks the first official day of the summer season. Even though we generally use the heat (and not the date) to determine the season, there’s no reason not to celebrate the arrival of summer.

Your Fiberon Outdoor Living Space is a great place to let your creativity shine through. Whether you enjoy a brilliant sunset on your outdoor living space, or you use your composite decking oasis to soak up some rays, we’ve got some ideas on how to inject more of the good life into the next months.

Prepare Your Deck for Summer

If you have composite decking from Fiberon, you don’t actually have to bother with all the bothersome upkeep.

If you have a wood deck, you’ve got to worry about wear-and-tear and sun damage. Not with a Fiberon outdoor living space!  No sealing and staining for you! When you use our durable composite decking, you don’t have to prepare for summer at all.

The only thing you need to do to get ready: take the lemonade pitcher out of the cabinet.


Introduce Water into Your Outdoor Living Space

Got plants on your deck? Give them plenty of water to drink as the sun beats down on the leaves.

But introduce water on your outdoor living space in other ways as well. Whether you use a blow-up pool, or let the kids and the dogs play in the sprinkler, water makes the heat less of a burden. Plus, it adds another element of fun to the summer downtime you’ve been craving.


Make Some Fun Cocktails!

Spice up your life with these summertime cocktail recipes. Get the blender reader, whip these up, and then head out to your Fiberon outdoor living space.


Tom’s Mellow Melon Margarita

Love watermelon? This pink wonder will make you giddy with spirited excitement.


Oyster Bar Bloody Mary

Want to add a little excitement to your tomato juice? Try this cocktail recipe out.


The Frozen “Texas Twister”

Cool off with a refreshing frozen margarita. Nothing says party like a Frozen Texas Twister.


Sunblock, Sunblock, Sunblock

Listen to your mother!

Sunburns hurt, but they’re totally avoidable. Even if you’re only heading out for a few minutes, slap on some sun lotion in order to enjoy your summer days burn-free.


How are you celebrating the good life this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

Movie Night On Deck

Saturday, June 21st, 2014

Follow Fiberon Decking’s board Movie Night on Deck on Pinterest.

We are spending more and more time outside on our decks.  The warm evenings are inviting us to take all of our indoor activities outdoors. The weather is gorgeous, and as summer gets in full swing, why not host an outdoor movie night on your deck this weekend? Invite the neighbors. Have a cook out. Take a dip in the pool. Snuggle up on pillows and watch one of your favorite movies by twilight.  Here are some ideas for making your outdoor movie night magical.


Pick the Right Spot

The most important element in setting your stage is being able to control the amount of light being filtered near your screen. Large street lamps or bright motion lights could ruin your viewing experience, so be sure to choose the right spot. Twinkle lights and elegant deck lighting create an enchanted ambiance for your outdoor movie night.


Movie-Night-on-DeckSet the Stage (or the Screen)

Some people choose to bring their flat screen television outside. Others buy or rent an inflatable screen. But hanging a large, white sheet is a great option too.  Be sure to have the right equipment for your chosen screen which may include a projector, computer or DVD player, and appropriate audio equipment.


Choose the Right Movie

Depending on your guest list, choose a movie that is appealing to everyone.  Total Film features 50 of the best summer movies, and then there are always wonderful fallbacks like Pixar or Disney films.


Set Up Seating Areas

If you are having your movie night near your pool, seating can be arranged with lounge chairs, deck furniture, or floating chairs. Blankets, pillows, and bean bag chairs on the deck are an excellent choice as well.



If possible, consider spraying the morning of your movie event. Citronella candles and torches are a great option, not only for debugging, but for ambient light as well.


Movie Snacks

Standard movie fare is always in fashion: soft drinks, popcorn, and an array of sweet treats are a must. For fun variations, make flavored popcorn or your own rock candy.


Make the most of your movie night. There are no rules. Make them up as you go and share with us your ideas and photos of your movie night on your beautiful Fiberon deck.





Fiberon composite decking and railing materials are crafted to endure the elements and deliver lasting beauty for years to come.  Built for Outdoors,  Built for Life.

Tune In to See Fiberon on I Want That: International Builders’ Show 2014

Friday, June 20th, 2014


Coming off the heels of our successful composite decking commercial, Fiberon is ready to hit your television set yet again.

downloadThis time our composite decking products will be featured on the DIY Network’s I Want That: International Builders’ Show 2014.

For this episode, the DIY network travels to Las Vegas, the site of the 2014 International Builders’ Show. While there, the audience at home will learn more about what’s hot in the world of design, as well as informative content on building materials.

Building materials, now that’s a biggie. No wonder Fiberon will be featured!

These recurring episodes will spotlight our composite decking material, and all the advantages it has over wood. The show will reveal how composite decking is more than just an alternative to wood; it’s an environmentally friendly and more durable replacement.

(Not to mention, the fact that homeowners no longer have to brother refurbishing and restaining their outdoor living space. That’s nothing to sneeze at.)


Beyond the deck-building material features, the show will also highlight ideas for renovation, remodeling, and home additions. With a focus on innovative products that give your home, garden, and outdoor living space more life, any savvy homeowner will want to tune in.

Speaking of that, you can catch the episode that features Fiberon on several dates and times this month. So if you’d rather spend all your time on your deck instead of in front of the TV, you’ve got plenty of opportunities to see what’s happening in the world of composite decking.

For ideas on how you can add to your Fiberon outdoor living space, turn on the DIY Network to watch the I Want That: International Builders’ Show 2014 on the following dates and times:

  • June 20: 8:00 p.m. Eastern/ 5:00 p.m. Pacific
  • June 21: 3:00 a.m. Eastern/ 12:00 a.m. Pacific
  • June 26: 7:00 p.m. Eastern/ 4:00 p.m. Pacific

Who knows what inspirations you’ll get from watching. We promise, once the program is finished, you can get right back out there to your Fiberon deck. We know you don’t want to be away for too long.


5 Ideas for Bringing Summer Romance to Your Deck

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

Summer is a time for leisure, peacefulness, and, of course, romance.  Forego the date night to the movies or to the same restaurants and have a romantic evening on your Fiberon deck.

The twilight hours, balmy breeze, and dancing fireflies all help to set the stage for a night of romance in your own backyard oasis.

Bring some romance to your deck and know that the possibilities are endless. Tap into the five senses and create the ambiance for your romance to bloom.

1. Set the mood with soft, magical lighting.

As Martha Stewart often says, “It’s all about the lighting!” Lighting is essential.  Decorate the edges of your deck with lit tea light candles. String twinkle lights on railings, in planters, or in low hanging trees. Arrange varying candle sizes as a centerpiece to your table. Using unscented candles will provide romantic lighting without being overpowering. For auto-magic mood lighting, consider adding dimmable accent lighting to you decking or post cap lighting to your railing. Easy to retrofit into existing railing and decking, Fiberon offers a solution that creates the perfect evening setting, ready when the mood is right.

2. Decorate with flowers and herbs.

Toss handfuls of rose petals on your deck and tables. Expertly create a trail of rose petals for your partner to follow. Easily arrange fresh flowers and fresh herbs from your garden in mason jars decorated with burlap string and place them strategically around your deck.

3. Play calm, romantic instrumental music.Fiberon Romance

Music is the key to the soul, so be sure to play soft music to set the romantic mood you are invoking. Pandora has several channels dedicated to romance.  Choose your music and be ready cuddle and slow dance at a moment’s notice.

4.   Create soft textures to snuggle on.        

Arrange soft spaces for snuggling and comfort. Be sure to have cushions for deck chairs. Deck couches can have luxurious blankets and pillows for cuddling under the moonlight. Soft rugs and beautifully arranged throw pillows allow for extra nuzzling space. If your deck is designed for it, why not a hammock for two?

5.  Serve edible romance.

From cordials and chocolate to Grilled Salmon and Passion Fruit Sangria, the options are endless for romantic dinners and treats.  Keep in mind that romantic food is about titillating the senses and is best served to you by another; therefore, small appetizers that can be picked up with your fingers or dainty utensils only adds to the romance.


For more inspiration, visit our Pinterest page and let romance abound.



Fiberon composite decking and railing materials are crafted to endure the elements and deliver lasting beauty for years to come.  Built for Outdoors, Built for Life.