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Visit Fiberon Decking Booth 4029 #IBS2012 video with VP Bill Ross

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Visit us to see beautiful, durable, low maintenance, composite decking that your customers will love.

There’s an affirmation for that.

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Here at the Fiberon offices we have been brainstorming about what would go into an iPad application created for our products.

When I jog I use the Nike Plus GPS app on my iPhone.  It tells me how far, and how fast, and where I went.  This morning, at the end of my run, NBA Champion Dirk Nowitzki came on through my ear buds and said, “Good run.  I’m impressed.”

It got me thinking about what affirmations might work for a Fiberon Decking app for contractors and/or homeowners.

Can you imagine…?

From a recipe app:  “This is Paula Dean.  That’s a nice looking ham!”

From Bob Villa:  “Good job!  You measured twice and cut once!”

From Fernando Lamas, as played by Billy Crystal:   “Your deck looks marvelous”.

From your neighbors and cousins after you build a deck with Fiberon Decking:“We want to come over”.

Can you think of a famous person affirmation that would work in your life, or on your deck?  Send them to me or comment on the blog.


About the author:  Mike Coombs is the (new) E Media Manager at Fiberon.  He’s pudgy from a long history of enjoying his deck.  You can reach him at



Inside Fiberon: Deck Fasteners

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Paul Young, Fiberon’s Director of Sales, provides a unique look inside Fiberon’s hardware products so consumers can stay ahead of the curve with the latest industry innovations in composite decking. Hardware products include both the innovative Fiberon hidden fasteners and the Phantom Ballistic NailScrew Driver.

Phantom Hidden Deck Fasteners

Phantom Hidden Deck Fasteners

I was sitting on my deck on one of those picture perfect Minnesota mornings–clear skies and 68 degrees. I was watching one of those weekend home improvement shows and they’re building a Fiberon deck using, as the host describes it, “One of these new hidden fastening systems.” It got me thinking about both of my decks and the evolution of decking fasteners.

Our main deck was built first using galvanized trim head nails, which is nice because the nails aren’t very visible.  However, the nails continually pop up and you have to drive them down so you don’t snag them while walking or shoveling snow during the winter. When the second deck was built, the builder screwed it down, eliminating the possibility of nails popping.  Unfortunately, you can still see all the screws – Functional but not necessarily attractive. (more…)

Deck Design and Market Trends for the Southeast

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Fiberon Composite Decking is happy to take you on a visit to the Southeast, where Bobby Parks of Peachtree Decks and Porches LLC shares with you various deck design and market trends in his region.

Fiberon composite deckingThe Decking Industry and Market

With increased deck requests compared to previous years, homeowners demand multifunctional outdoor living spaces in many southeastern markets. Market dynamics have changed over the past three years to include the residential building force in varying degrees across different sectors. Former residential and commercial contractors entered into deck building and remodeling in an effort to survive–making it more challenging for deck contractors. It has also suppressed profit margins in many areas, creating an ideal scenario for homeowners who take advantage of this buying opportunity.

A positive result is that established deck builders in the Southeast are offering projects with features beyond what decks have offered in the past. Also, a growing number of contractors are delivering customers high-quality alternatives. The incorporation of “creating an extension of the home” is becoming a standard for many seasoned and established deck builders, especially in the mid to high-end niche of the market. These expanded offerings help many with the previously mentioned challenges.


Beat the Post-Summer Blues On Your Deck with Outdoor Decorating for the Fall

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Kelly from Bungalow Blue Interiors joins our Authors On Board to bring some design expertise to our blog! Read below as she shares tips from an interior design perspective on creating an outdoor living space that you can enjoy well into the autumn months.

As summer comes to a close and the temps get a little cooler, it is the perfect opportunity to turn your deck into a beautiful outdoor space for entertaining, relaxing with friends or just enjoying a cup of tea on a Sunday afternoon.  The key is to decorate with the same attention to detail, comfort and style as any other room in your house.  First, ask yourself what you will use the space for most – dining under the stars, hosting Sunday brunch, or gathering around a fire pit to catch up with friends. It’s easier than ever to make the most of the season by giving your deck a facelift for fall without breaking the bank!  Here’s how: