Deck Fasteners & Hardware

Screws or fasteners, it’s your choice.

One of the great advantages of Fiberon composite decking is the smooth, nail free look of our beautiful boards. How does that work? Our deck boards are grooved on the outside edges to allow for the placement of hidden fasteners.

Whether you want to incorporate a traditional screw pattern as part of your deck design, or prefer the pure, uninterrupted look that a hidden fasteners affords, Fiberon composite decking comes ready-to-install with pre-grooved boards that can accommodate whatever you choose.

Fiberon recommends the Fiberon Phantom Fastener, Fiberon Hidden Fastener and the Phantom II Fastener for use with all Fiberon grooved wood/HDPE composite deck boards.
Fiberon recommends the Tiger Claw TC-G Hidden Fastener for use with Fiberon Paramount PVC grooved composite deck boards.

Phantom Hidden Fasteners

Phantom Hidden Deck FastenersPhantom Hidden Fasteners create a premium installation. Decks that are smooth in appearance and feel, offer an elegant outdoor living space.

Phantom Hidden Fasteners are backed by a 20-Year Limited Warranty. Features include:

  • Available in boxes of 90 (50 sq. ft. of coverage) or buckets of 900 (500 sq. ft.)
  • Designed with more "teeth" and sharper curves, the exclusive Line Fastener and Butt Joint Fastener grip deck boards for a strong hold to the joist
  • Dual limiting tabs ensure consistent spacing and resist twisting common with single tab fasteners
  • The Butt Joint Fastener eliminates the need to double joist or use two fasteners at joints
  • The key hole design properly orients and seats the screw for optimal installation
  • End Clip Fasteners eliminate surface fasteners at the beginning and end boards of the

Tiger Claw TC-G Hidden Deck Fasteners

Hidden Deck FastenersTiger Claw TC-G Hidden Deck Fasteners create decks that are smooth in appearance and feel, and offer an elegant outdoor living space and are backed by a 25-Year Limited Warranty. Features include:

  • 304 grade stainless steel approved for salt water applications
  • Prongs embed in the upper portion of the groove for strong holding power
  • Available in a hand driven or pneumatic gun installation
  • Spacer tabs automatically gap decking board 3/16” for a consistent look

For Use With Most Composite Decking Products

Most non-grooved composite decking boards can be grooved** with a slot cutting bit to accommodate the Phantom Fastener. Recommended bits are:

Supplier Partnumber
UFO The Groover
Woodstock International DC1098
Bosch 85530M
Sears SPM215190769
Sears SPM215190779
Grizzly Industrial C1098

**Cutting grooves or slots into deck boards may void the manufacturer's warranty. Fiberon does not warrant or guarantee your warranty will remain valid.