2011 Composite Decking Consumer Outlook

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FiberPRO Ed Lenzi from Lenzi Construction & Remodeling, LLC in Hudson, NH returns this week to share his 2011 consumer decking preferences outlook. Learn what Ed hears from clients on the job and how he feels Fiberon would serve each of these consumer needs.

Based on customer testimonials and my experience with composite decking, I believe that Fiberon has cornered the market with their innovative new lines of composite and PVC decking .  This is mainly because Fiberon listens to their contractors and customers and wants to build a trustworthy brand that is not just a name, but also a product that you will come to enjoy for years.

Here in New England, we are subject to major changes in weather with frigid winters and hot, humid summers. As a result, the majority of my customers and prospective clients ask me the following questions when I introduce them to the Fiberon product line:

"I notice that the product is very appealing and looks like real hardwood, but is it hot on the feet in the summer?"

I explain to my customers that Fiberon has a wide range of colors in composite and pvc decking. In general, the lighter the color the less conductive of heat.

"Is Fiberon Decking more slippery than other composites?"

In New England we have harsh weather patterns and plenty of snow and ice during the winter. For composite and pressure treated decking, I always recommend using a plastic shovel when clearing your deck so that you don't scratch the surface. I explain to my customers that the best advantage of Fiberon decking is that you can go that extra step and use rock salt, ice-melt and other products that will help clear the deck without damage. This is most appealing to the customer.

"What is the warranty?"

Lets face it - a product is only as good as the company that stands behind it. I assure my customers that with Fiberon they are in great hands and have nothing to worry about. Since I have been installing Fiberon Decking, I have had zero callbacks.

Fiberon has the best warranty in the industry. There is a 20-year warranty on their composite decking and a lifetime warranty on their PVC Outdoor Flooring. In addition, Horizon composite decking and Outdoor Flooring PVC decking have a 20-year stain and fade warranty. Fiberon has proven not to stain with any substance I have personally come across. This is the most impressive selling feature with my customers.

To sum it up, I have been in business in the New England area for most of the composite decking boom. Last year I decided to use Fiberon Composite decking exclusively so that I can reduce customer complaints and ultimately give my customers the dream deck they expect for many years to come.

Homeowners, what other composite decking questions can Ed answer for you?


4 Responses to “2011 Composite Decking Consumer Outlook”

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  2. Craig says:

    The picture of the deck in the article does not do Fiberon justice. The Horizon line of decking it gorgeous. The best looking decks I have built use the Horizon Rosewood boards. You are right in snowy conditions having a capped deck is the only way to go.

  3. Ed Lenzi says:

    Hi Craig, The pictrue in this blog is Fiberon’s Solid PVC product. Fiberon has a PVC line that has a similar technology to the Horizon line. It protects from staining and fading as well (20 year warranty). I do use both the PVC ( Fiberon calls this their “Outdoor Flooring” ) and the Composite (Horizons) line as well. While the Horizons Rosewood and IPE are the most popular product here in NE and It is 90% of my installations, some customers want the benefit of the lifetime warranty that Fiberon offers on the Outdoor Flooring line. You can view my Horizon decks on my web site at this link. http://web.me.com/lenziofficesolutions/LENZI_CONSTRUCTION_/FIBERON_DECKS_GALLERY.html

    Thanks for your comments, keep them coming.

  4. DeckRestoration says:

    OK Craig,I agree to best fiberon has a wide range of colors in composite and pvc decking.