5 Summer Design Trends to Elevate Your Outdoor Space

It’s hard to believe, but somehow we’re already halfway through the year. The good news is, that means we’re also smack in the middle of our favorite season of the year. As you start spending more time on your deck, you may notice that your space could use a bit of a refresh to get you through the rest of those summer celebrations and relaxing evenings. Fortunately for you, we’ve rounded up five outdoor living trends to help you effortlessly breathe new life into your outdoor space and let you enjoy every bit of these longer days.

  1. Summertime blues can be a very good thing

Varying shades of blue create a beautiful space that's relaxing yet perfectly party ready. The classic combo of Symmetry Railing in Tranquil White and Symmetry Decking in Graphite is the perfect backdrop for the soothing coastal color palette. Photo by: Jill Hunter/AP Images.

Year after year this classic palette returns, and this year is no different. We’re seeing everything from cool coastal tones like aquamarine and turquoise to classic navy and everything in between. The best news about these hues? They go with almost every color under the sun and can be manipulated to execute a number of different aesthetics. Going for coastal calm? Pair cool-toned blue throw pillows with white wicker furniture. Is traditional style more your speed? Navy is the perfect, timeless complement to rich browns.

Navy blue and earthy browns: a timeless pairing. Photo source: Pottery Barn.

  1. Hot temperatures, even hotter hues

Vibrant shades are taking center stage right now. Fully embrace the look with solid, bold outdoor furniture, either purchase that way or be re-painting an existing set (just be sure to choose a spray paint designed for your type of furniture, and always paint in a well-ventilated space. You can also implement the look in a more subtle way with well-placed, bright outdoor pillows and dining accessories.

Nothing says summer like bright, bold colors. Shown above: Horizon Decking in Ipe with Horizon Railing in White.

  1. Unplug to Unwind

Overwhelmed by the feeling that you constantly need to be connected? This trend is for you. You may have noticed on Pinterest that it’s becoming increasingly popular for people to tailor cozy, tech-free sanctuaries as a way to disconnect and decompress. Your outdoor surround is the perfect opportunity for such a space. Of course, we’re not suggesting you give up all modern convenience. After all, what’s a backyard barbecue without music? But even if you’re wired, a separate space designated for peace and quiet is a great way to create a more multi-functional space and provide a little something for family and guests, no matter their mood. Consider decorating with cozy, easy-care outdoor cushions and pillows to create a comfy, nap-worthy lounge space. To add visual appeal and instant ambiance, a centerpiece with greenery and candles of varying heights may be just the ticket.

Who says serenity and entertainment can’t share the same space? Shown above: Symmetry Decking in Cinnabar and Warm Sienna and Symmetry Railing in Tranquil White.

       4. Mix and Match Furniture

Gone are the days when all of your furniture, outdoor or indoor, has to match. Pairing different qualities and styles adds an element of sophistication and panache. It can also be kinder to your wallet. Pairing outdoor furniture like teak, which can be a bit pricier, with wicker can mix up your space. Also, don’t be afraid to combine styles in the same seating area, though varying materials can also be a great way to differentiate between seating areas. For instance, a more formal teak dining table in one space with more casual wicker chairs in a space designated strictly for relaxation.

Combine teak and wicker in the same space for a more contemporary approach. Source: Wayfair.com.

       5. Get more out of deck season

The point of a deck is to create a calm, inviting space to help combat our non-stop lives, and why should that only be available on summer days? Increasingly, people want to stay outdoors longer and they're looking for new ways to do just that. This means adding heaters or other warming elements to make the space more functional, as well as switching out style elements to help your space transition through the seasons. Updating your planters, rugs, and throw pillows to warmer fall colors and textures is a great way to extend the usable time on your deck. Plush throws are also perfect to add coziness, warmth, and color to your space.

The party doesn't have to end when summer does. Source: architectureimg.com.

Changing up elements on your deck is a great wait to refresh your space, but if you’re looking to revamp from the ground up, we can help with that too! With tools that make it easy to design a deck, find a builder, and more, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

This blog post was updated on 7/18/18 for accuracy.


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