A look back at the 2016 International Builders Show

Fiberon debuts Symmetry Decking and more

More than 60,000 building professionals and home improvement fans attended the 2016 NAHB International Builders Show, held in Las Vegas in mid-January. The mood at the event was upbeat and enthusiastic. Economic indicators predict increased spending on remodeling and home improvement projects in 2016, so there was plenty of interest among show attendees for all things new and noteworthy. At Fiberon, “new” included everything from deck boards to railing colors to the show booth itself – and all of it a testament to Fiberon’s passion for innovation and high-style, low-maintenance outdoor living.

FIberon IBS booth front view

Innovative and creative: the new Fiberon show booth

Measuring an expansive 1500 square feet, the Fiberon show booth was open, inviting, and built exclusively with our products. The design was inspired by Symmetry, our newest decking collection. As the name implies, Symmetry is about balance; in this case, a board that’s equal parts exceptional looks and outstanding performance. When everything is in balance, calm and peacefulness prevail. That was the mood we wanted to create in our booth: calm, balanced … a bit Zen, you might say. Here’s how we did it.

Composite benches for tired toes; water and plantings to treat the senses

A composite decking bridge flanked by our gorgeous Symmetry Railing drew visitors in, encouraging them to slow down and explore their surroundings. Built-in benches were incorporated throughout the space, providing welcome resting spots for tired trade show attendees. A custom water feature was a treat for the eyes and soothing to the ears – not to mention a great reminder of how well our durable composite decking withstands water.

Fiberon IBS booth water feature

To help visitors compare decking and railing options, we gave each product line its own distinct area. Contrasting borders, plantings, rocks, and sand were used to enhance the surroundings. Interestingly, these unique product settings spurred many inquiries from homeowners around the topic of ground-level decks. If you’re contemplating what to do with a crumbling patio, a low-maintenance, ground-level deck could be the perfect solution. (Just remember, one of the secrets to a correct installation is the addition of a sleeper system. Learn more about sleeper systems and ground-level installations.)

Since an innovative spirit governs everything we do at Fiberon, we also showcased a few unusual uses for decking; specifically, a pergola, built-in bar and decking installed vertically rather horizontally. And while we should note that none of these applications complies with current warranty guidelines, they did provide plenty of visual interest and probably more than a little inspiration for the truly creative and adventurous among us.

Symmetry: the most natural look and feel in luxury composite decking

Making its debut at IBS 2016, Symmetry Decking was a huge hit with show attendees. Time after time, visitors would pause at the display, comment on the stunning color options, and then whip out their cell phones to take a picture. It’s easy to understand why. Symmetry Decking offers the most natural look, feel, and color palette available today in luxury composite decking.
And what a color palette! Rich and multi-dimensional, each shade reflects the organic beauty of the natural elements and pigments that inspired it: Cinnabar, Burnt Umber, and Warm Sienna.

• The deep red tones of Cinnabar are the perfect complement to grass and outdoor plantings.
• Burnt Umber is an elegant chocolate brown with subtle reddish streaking throughout.
• Warm Sienna is a quintessential golden brown taken up a few notches, thanks to its darker brown streaking.

Horizon Symmetry Decking in Burnt Umber

An eye-catching blend of dark brown with subtle red tones, Burnt Umber adds depth and drama to even the simplest outdoor space.

Also noteworthy is the elegant matte finish. A special low-gloss formulation and micro-texturing process produces this refined look, one more commonly seen with exotic hardwoods. What you won’t see on Symmetry is the shiny, plastic look found on other composites. The grain patterns are exceptional as well: varied and fluid with no discernable repeats. And since the patterns appear on top and bottom of every board, Symmetry is ideal for two-sided applications.

Symmetry Railing now available in Serene Black and Simply Brown

Another special feature at the show, Symmetry Railing, is the ideal companion to Symmetry Decking. The big story here: Symmetry Railing is now available in two new colors. In addition to original Tranquil White, we’ve added Serene Black and Simply Brown. All of which means it’s easier than ever to find that perfect railing color.

• A favorite with traditional architecture and coastal settings, Tranquil White adds classic charm to decks, porches, and balconies.
• Serene Black injects contemporary flair into any setting. It’s bold yet never overpowering.
• Simply Brown complements the natural beauty of wooded lots, blending seamlessly with the surroundings.

Fiberon Symmetry Railing

With its sculpted top rail and classic color, Symmetry Railing in Tranquil White looks fresh and timeless.

Of course, no matter what color you select, you’ll enjoy Symmetry Railing’s industry-leading 12-foot rail span, refined matte finish, and ingenious aluminum sub-channel reinforcement. Simply put, that means:

  • More uninterrupted views
  • More upscale appearance
  • More strength and rigidity where you want it

Coming soon: even more infill options! (And we mean really soon, so check back here often.)

Fiberon offers digital tools, supports sustainable manufacturing

Two important themes at this year’s show were technology and energy efficiency. Fortunately, you didn’t need to attend IBS 2016 to see Fiberon’s offerings in these areas. Our website is packed with features and tools that make building a new deck fun and virtually stress-free.

  • Learn why composite decking is a smart choice.

Composite Decking Demystified

  • Understand the deck-building process, from start to finish.

What to Expect When You're Decking

  • Design your ideal outdoor space with our Deck Design Tool. Then, upload a photo of your home to see your handiwork brought to life.

The website also features an entire section devoted to locating Fiberon dealers for hardy DIYers or finding a qualified deck builder for the rest of us.

And while a new deck may not make your home more energy efficient per se, you can rest assured the boards were manufactured and distributed using the most sustainable and eco-friendly processes available. From the locally sourced recycled content to the closed-loop water cooling system to the use of rail transport to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Fiberon is committed to protecting and preserving the environment.


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