A Waterside Outdoor Living Space

Waterside Outdoor Living Space
When you’re searching for a home, you may factor in its proximity to water. There’s a reason for that…

When it comes to our most joyful moments in life, much of the time, water is a part of our memories.

Whether those recollections are of kids splashing in the ocean or a nighttime swim with that special someone, we love to spend time around lakes, pools, ponds, and oceans.

Why not build more of those fond memories by making your Fiberon deck a waterside oasis?

There are few moments more magical than watching a rippled pond turn colors as the sun rises and sets. Now, imagine that sight as you sit on your Fiberon outdoor living space.

Before we go any further, here are the facts about waterside outdoor living spaces…

These special places—whether a stream, pool, ocean, or lake—are typically enjoyed when the weather is warm, and the water offers instant relief to the hot summer sun.

Safety is of primary concern in and around water. The decks and docks that carry us to our outdoor oasis and the railings that offer fall protection, all are subjected to the temperature extremes from one season to the next.

The hot sun will dry out wood, and eventually it will splinter, crack, and rot. If made with composites, there’s no worry because composites don’t splinter, crack, or rot. Fiberon’s composite decking and railing use eco-friendly materials to form a stronger, denser, and heavier wood alternative that endures the ravages of weather without ever having to stain or paint.

That means you won’t have to replace the boards or stain and paint them every couple of years. So when you think about building your waterside outdoor living space, make certain you go with composite building materials to bypass pesky maintenance and ensure it is safe and enjoyable for decades.

By the way…

Composite decking makes a heckuva dock, too.

In case you haven’t heard, Fiberon teamed up with our pal Ty Pennington to build some docks for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. We went from the backyard to the seashore, so if you’ve got a beachside property, you can expand your outdoor living space to the ocean.

Imagine spending a Saturday fishing, or reading a novel, as the waves churn back and forth. If that idea doesn’t represent the Good Life, what else would?

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