Adding a Hot Tub to Your Outdoor Living Space

Fiberon Hot Tub
Imagine your outdoor living space is equipped with the quintessential spot for relaxation and fun.

A bubbling hot tub awaits when you leave the office, or when you step out for an evening of downtime. Heck, you could practically spend your whole weekend soaking in the foam.

We’ll just add this here: hot tubs are romantic! So that said…

A hot tub on your outdoor living space may have been a dream for a long time. Or when you started reading this blog, a light bulb may have popped up over your head. Just think of how cool your hot tub would look surrounded by your Horizon Deck.

So what’s stopping you from giving your Fiberon deck the ultimate upgrade? All the questions!

From finding a hot tub that suits exact needs to figuring out cost scenarios, many homeowners put the kibosh on their hot tub aspirations before getting started.

No worries, we’ve outlined every nitty-gritty detail about getting a hot tub for your outdoor living space.

Find the right hot tub for your needs. 

We’ll be honest: selecting the right hot tub can be a hassle for you. That’s right, not everyone enjoys shopping for different accessories. It’s best to start with how the hot tub will be used on your deck.

Do you need it for entertainment purposes? Medical purposes? Maybe you simply want a romantic spot to hang out with your spouse.

If you’re thinking about the parties you’ll throw, consider a hot tub with an iPod doc and LED lights. On the other hand, if you’re using your new hot tub for therapeutic purposes, look for models with high-powered jet streams that will relax your muscles.

Once you determine how your hot tub will be used, the selection process becomes easier.

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Learn about the costs. 

A hot tub on your deck is an investment that will add value to your home and fun to your evenings. To begin, it’s best if you have composite decking because water splashes won’t deteriorate the wood.

Depending on what you’ll use your hot tub for, you may incur unexpected expenses.  For example, many people don’t factor in the cost of installation.  If you are building a deck or resurfacing your old deck, and are planning to add a hot tub, make sure the contractor follows the hot tub manufacturer’s requirements to add in specific framing and support requirements for their warranty coverage. When you shop for installation help, make sure you put labor into the equation, so that you’re not met with surprise costs.

Remember: you can get started with a basic hot tub, and add accessories later on. In other words, you don’t have to do everything at once. Even if you have a simple model with not a lot of frills, adding a hot tub to your outdoor living space is more than worth it. Here’s one example why… 

Use your hot tub to enjoy your deck in the cooler weather!

Yep, it can’t be summer and spring all the time. We hate to see families pack it in once the weather turns bitter. With a hot tub on your outdoor living space, you can enjoy your favorite part of the house without worry.

Ready to start the conceptual stages?

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  1. Brandon Roberts says:

    I totally agree with your second tip. Obviously figuring out the price is something that is really going to effect whether or not you purchase the hot tub. So it is very important to hire a contractor that will be able to install the hot tub for a good price.