All Your Good Life Railing FAQs

Ever since we've debuted the affordable and versatile Good Life Railing, the questions have been pouring in. At Fiberon Decking, we’re here to help you make the best home improvement and construction decisions.


So here it is—all your Good Life Railing FAQs. From deck construction questions to aesthetic concerns, read this short guide so you’ll know the Good Life will create the outdoor living space you love.

Bottom line: does Good Life Railing come with a warranty?

You bet! In fact, our warranty lasts for 20 years. That’s two decades, so you better believe that once you purchase Good Life Railing, that you won’t have to upgrade for some time.

How does it pair with my solid color composite decking?

While we were busy in the design phase, we had a unique goal. We wanted to create affordable composite railing that would go with any outdoor living space. Good Life Railing dresses up your deck, porch or balcony with a universal décor that literally goes with any color scheme.

In other words, Good Life Railing guarantees that you won’t have a “Frankenstein deck” that looks like it’s made from multiple parts. Think of Good Life Railing as a pair of pants that goes with any outfit. No, scratch that - think of Good Life Railing as the composite decking upgrade that provides a universal beauty that pairs perfectly with your current outdoor living space and won't break the bank.

Good Life Railing Sample

Is Good Life Railing susceptible to flaking or cracking?

Good Life Railing is constructed with a composite core with a permanent PVC finish. Here’s what that means: it is very tough and durable, and will not flake or crack like some vinyl rail systems. It has a strong core with a permanently bonded, co-extruded premium surface. And it is easy to clean with soap and water. Good Life Railing is easy to install and easy to own. You definitely want composite railing—it’s the best!

Who typically purchases Good Life Railing from Fiberon?

Homeowners and home improvement junkies, of course. We designed this for people who want to transition from the constant (and obnoxious) maintenance that comes with wood decks.

Much of the time, those who purchase Good Life Railing already have a composite deck, and they’re ready to make an upgrade.

Is Good Life Railing good for contractors and FiberPROs?

Oh, yes! We designed Good Life Railing with an equal focus for homeowners and contractors/FiberPROs. With a decking contractor focus, Good Life Railing is ideal for multifamily homes, large contractor projects, and home improvement on private estates. With a universal design and easy construction, you’ll get fewer callbacks!

Don’t you love it when life is a little easier?