Ask for Fiberon. “The strength of the Fiberon brand reinforces our position…”


Those of us who are marcom geeks here at Fiberon noticed when Guardian Building Products announced our new distribution partnership by saying,

“The strength of the Fiberon brand reinforces our position as one of the premier suppliers of building products…”
Click here for press release


Wow.  The giants of the building products world appreciate the brand that our founder, owner, and CEO Doug Mancosh continues to build here in New London, North Carolina and Meridian, Idaho, USA.

We’re proud because we know that brands succeed best when they become “tangible”:

That's when they mean something about the products and people.

The Fiberon brand means something to the major players in the building products world.  They trust the brand.

And so can you, Ms. or Mr. Homeowner.

Ask for the best.  Ask for Fiberon.


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