Beautiful Fiberon Decking: What’s your BFD? Beautiful Food (on) Deck

All the scientific research about homeowner’s says we value outdoor living very highly for new construction and home improvements.  It’s a big deal for life style.

Why?  Because family, friends and food are fun, right outside our door!  It’s a big fun-food-family-friends deal.   What kind of big fun-food-family-friends deals do you have?  (BFD’s!)

Would you share them with us?

Here’s one of mine!

I grill Cilantro Chicken Quesadillas (and enjoy some cervezas) on my deck.


2 cups Cilantro- Fresh…. or dried mixed with cilantro paste

4 or 5 table spoons of vinegar

2 tablespoons or oregano and whatever else you feel creative about…..

4 medium boneless chicken breasts

Two large red onions in slices about ½ inch thick

Your favorite grated “melty” cheese in mass quantities.

A package of big tortillas

A couple of beers.


Open and sip a beer.  Put on good music.

Make a paste/marinade from the cilantro, vinegar, oregano. Pepper that mixture to taste.

Coat the chicken with the cilantro paste and marinade, from zero to a couple hours.

Coat the red onion slices with olive oil.


Grill the chicken and onion slices until the chicken is done and the onions have some nice caramelized grill marks.


Remove from grill and then thinly slice the chicken and onions and mix them together in a bowl.

Add a bunch of your grated cheese.  Really.  Or a bunch and a half.

By now you should have finished your beer.  Start another one.

Spread the cooked chicken/onion/ cheese mixture over half a tortilla and fold it up.

Then grill the filled tortillas briefly on each side until warm with grill marks. (It's fast!)

Slice and serve anyway you like (with beverage).

Two hints:

You can make them up ahead of time and just throw them on the grill when company arrives.

And, they store as left overs very well!

What’s your BFD? (Big Food on Deck).  Send a fun photo and recipe to [email protected]


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