Big Announcement: Time to Share Your #PetsOnDeck


Puck the Borzoi

Fiberon decks are intended for anyone who likes to have a little fun in life.


And there’s no one that enjoys a good time like your four-legged companion.


When it comes to the good life, it’s all about family and friends, and our pets fit both of those descriptions.


That’s why we’re thrilled to announce Fiberon’s #PetsOnDeck campaign!

Frogs on Deck

If you have a furry friend in you family, bring her out on your Fiberon outdoor living space!


If you have a dog who loves to hang out on your wicker lounge chair, we want to see her.


If you have a cat who naps in your hammock, share that picture with our community.


Got a goat, a sea turtle, a python, or a beta fish? You can share those #PetsOnDeck pictures with the world, too.


Here’s how it works:


  1. Take photos of your furry (or scaly) best friend while she’s hanging out on your outdoor living space.
  2. Email your pictures to [email protected] with the name of your pet and where you live.
  3. Then follow and view our Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to see your pet’s celebrity début.
  4. Join in the social conversation with the hashtags #PetsOnDeck, #Fiberon, and #DeckLove.


It’s that easy, and it will be loads of fun.

Paul's Dog on Deck (4)


So why are we doing this #PetsOnDeck social media campaign?


For one, we love to see animals loving life. But we also like to form a stronger community among the families who love Fiberon.


Animals make life more fulfilling. It’s that simple.


Whether your cat nuzzles around your neck after a long day, or your dog looks at you like you know all the answers…


Well, it’s a shining example of how we all should get along with each other. We think it’s a great idea to make your deck a place for the whole family, and that includes the members who have more than two legs (or even gills!)


Want the world to see how cute your pet is?


Come on, admit it: you know that your dog or cat is the cutest thing on the planet. So why not show him off on your outdoor living space?


Just share pictures of your pets playing and napping on your deck with the hashtag #PetsOnDeck, and you’ll get in on the action. To prove that your pet is the most adorable, we’ve got some ideas…


Put a tutu on your bulldog or a straw hat on your cat. Up the ante on the cute factor, and who knows how far your photo will spread? The next Grumpy Cat may be in your living room right now…


So take a picture of her, and share it on social media with the hashtag #PetsOnDeck. Show her off to the world in style.


We can’t wait to see your furry friends hanging out on your composite decking oasis, so…

Share pictures of your #PetsOnDeck