Breathtaking Decks

During our monthly deck showcase, we are proud to acknowledge some of Fiberon’s esteemed professional deck builders.  While all of our FiberPROs work hard and produce beautiful outdoor living spaces, there are composite decks that we want to call out as "Breathtaking Decks".


The following decks have been selected for various reasons. To be categorized as a Breathtaking Deck we factored in the following:

  1. Unique deck design
  2. Building environment
  3. Finished project aesthetics
  4. And of course, it has to be built with Fiberon composite decking

Built by American Deck Northwest Inc., this deck provides the homeowner with a custom designed outdoor living space, complete with custom railings, stairs and a retractable canopy to keep cool.  This made our Breathtaking Deck category because of the complex design and features included to create a unique, comfortable outdoor space.

For more information about American Deck Northwest Inc., visit their site:







Why work against Mother Nature when you can work with her? Rather than removing trees, Cedarbrook Deck and Patio Inc. worked with the densely wooded project location and installed Fiberon Horizon decking in Ipe to incorporate the natural elements. Another reason this deck was selected as a Breathtaking Deck was the height of the project. As you look into the distance, you see that the deck towers over the trees and lake nearby.

For more information about Cedarbrook Deck and Patio, Inc., visit their site:







This aerial view portrays a stunning deck built high in the trees by Deck Builders Inc. The design is unique, built around the natural elements and even has a spa. The custom decorative pattern in the center of the deck adds to the style and beauty.

For more information about Deck Builders Inc., visit their site








Last, but certainly not least, Rolling Ridge Deck & Outdoor Living Company, Inc. designed this deck to blend in with the natural elements. The gray composite decking outlines the native boulders to create a serene and aesthetically appealing deckscape. This earns the Breathtaking Deck title due to the terrain and natural environment the contractor highlighted by integrating this deck’s design into its surroundings.

For more information about Rolling Ridge Deck & Outdoor Living Company, Inc., visit their site:







What other factors should we consider when picking Breathtaking Decks? Have one of your own? Let’s see your breathtaking work with Fiberon composite decking. Please post a comment if you would like to submit a project.



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