Building A Composite Deck – Start To Finish

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="251" caption="Composite Deck - by Rolling Ridge Deck Co"]composite decking

Photographs of a Recent Deck Installation by Professional Contractors

This week’s post comes Barry Streett – owner & president of Rolling Ridge Deck Company in Evergreen Colorado. For more information on Barry and his company, visit

A few months ago, a great debate got going on this blog about whether or not homeowners could build their own composite decks without professional training. No matter what side you’re on, I think we can all agree building a composite deck involves many steps and lots of precision work. Witness one of my recent projects. Check out the slideshow below and let me know what you think. Could a task of this size be completed by a do-it-yourself homeowner or should it be left in the hands of a FiberPro?

Link to gallery:


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