Celebrate Back to School on Your Outdoor Living Space

Sharpen the pencils and pack the lunches, because kids are headed back to school this month. For several students, school days may have already begun.

Summer gives you more-than-enough reasons to spend time on your outdoor living space, and “back to school” season is yet another one.

Even though your kiddos may sigh that their vacation is coming to a close, there’s still room for celebration on your Fiberon deck. Whether you celebrate all the fun you’ve already had, or you’re giving your kid one last hurrah, your composite decking oasis is the place to party.

Not sure how to start the school year off right? No problem, your friends at Fiberon are here to lend a helpful hand. This is how you and your kids will enjoy the good life before that first school bell rings.


Celebrate Endings and Beginnings with a Backyard Grill Out

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The thing about the good life is, it constantly evolves. When one good thing ends, another begins. Even though most kids love summer vacation, many want to get back to seeing their friends in the hallway.

So what if vacation is over? The fun is still happening!

Our advice: transition from one bit of fun to the next with a backyard grill out. Throw some steaks, burgers, hot dogs, and kebobs on the grill, and send your kid off to school the right way.


Set a Tone of Celebration 

Your kid may be sick of hearing about how it’s important to get off on a good foot, form good habits early on, and set the right tone for the school year ahead. But when you have a Fiberon deck, you don’t have to tell them anything about that…

You can show them!

When it comes to setting the right tone, it’s best to start with celebration. After all, isn’t that what life is really all about? Throw a party for your returning student on your outdoor living space. Throw up some balloons, streamers, and cook up a pizza if you really want to celebrate in style.

The point is that when you throw a back to school party, you’re really celebrating your child. And that’s exactly what she needs to be successful in life.


Kindergarten Sendoff Extravaganza

Kid turning five? We won’t tell anyone if your ever-so-slightly excited about him headed off the Kindergarten. Time flies, doesn’t it? Now your child is ready to face challenges, do homework, and learn about the world.

And guess what else? You’ll have more free time to spend on your outdoor living space from Fiberon! If that’s not a reason to party, what is?

Your kid is about to embark on a 13-year journey, and when she walks the line before college, your kindergarten extravaganza will be one of her first and fondest memories.

For this kind of deck party, we highly recommend the sweet stuff. We’re talking about crayon-shaped cookies, cakes baked in the shape of pencils, etc. Tell the truth: it’s not just your kindergartner who loves sweets.  Shhh…we won’t reveal your secret.

No matter what you choose to celebrate, it’s all about your kids enjoying life. And we hope they always do.