Composite Decking – A Beautiful Outdoor Living Space Awaits

Composite decking is the fastest growing wood deck alternative on the market.  It boasts low maintenance and a much longer lifespan than wood decking.  Advancements in the way composite decking products are made have allowed composite decking manufacturers to simulate the look of many exotic hardwoods to give the homeowner options they typically would not have when designing and building a deck.

Composite decking is a man-made building product that includes an approximate equal mix of recycled wood fibers and recycled plastic. Because composite decking products are so durable and impervious to rot, they have a much longer lifespan than wood decks.  They do not require the staining, sanding, sealing, and board replacement that come along with wood decks.  Even though they require more initial investment, a composite deck more than makes up for that initial cost over the lifespan of the deck.

With the many advantages of composite decking, such as lower maintenance and being resistant to mold and insects, composite decking has been deemed one of the most durable decking products on the market today.  In addition to these benefits, new capped composite decking is also stain and fade resistant, which means it is easier to clean and has very high color retention.  Maintaining your composite deck requires semi-annual cleaning; just a quick spray of the hose with a mild household cleaner will do the trick.  Capped composite decking is sealed and is easier to clean if mold and mildew form on the surface.  Since there are exposed wood fibers in uncapped composite decking planks, it can be susceptible to mold growth just like any outdoor surface.  However, cleaning your deck periodically can help keep mold at bay.

Installation of composite decking uses the same tools as traditional wood decking with the added benefit of side grooves for hidden fasteners.  A hidden fastener system makes use of grooves built into the sides of the decking planks for a smooth surface without any screws showing.  Plus, you have the added benefit of absolutely no splinters, twisting or warping. However, it is important to note that you must follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation.

Adding a deck to your home can produce a substantial return on your initial investment.  With composite decking, you are ensuring that your deck is beautiful for years with less maintenance.  You can even have the exotic look of woods like Ipe, without all the upkeep.  Composite decking can be a true, low maintenance solution to your outdoor living space by providing a beautiful sanctuary for you and your family.


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