Composite Decking and Rain Reminders

With all the rain that seems to fall in the month of April, it’s no coincidence that ‘April showers’ have been immortalized in song and story.  April can be a wet month and if you have a composite deck, there are some deck considerations you’ll want to keep top of mind when it inevitably rains.

Capped Composite and PVC Decking

Keep in mind that the coating on the material is a type of plastic and, when wet, can be more slippery. Use caution when walking on your deck during or right after a storm.

Part of the appeal of capped composites is that the decking is not porous, so water will bead on the surface and take a little longer to dry since the material does not absorb it.

Uncapped Composite Decking

If you have uncapped composite decking you’ll need to pay a little attention to the objects sitting on your deck.   When moisture gets between objects (flower pots, mats, etc.) and can’t evaporate properly, the moisture can, over time, react with the tannic acid (tannins) in the wood fiber of the material and cause dark staining.  This staining can be removed with the correct cleaner; however, it will keep coming back if the source of the issue is not corrected.

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