Composite Decking Products & the Subtle Differences You Will Find

By definition, composite decking is a manufactured product that is made with wood fiber and plastic materials.  With advancements in the industry and manufacturing process, there are many composite decking products available to homeowners.  Composite decking is a man-made product and most variations are considered "green" or environmentally responsible because of its use of recycled materials, performance, use and maintenance.

There are two main types of decking that can fall under the category of composite decking.  The first is traditional composite decking made from wood fibers and plastic that is either molded or extruded into planks with wood grain embossing and is available in solid colors or streaked with variations of color.  These composites were made to offer homeowners the benefit of durability; never having to stain or paint, no splinters, twisting, warping, or rot. The second is co-extruded or capped composite decking which has the same core as traditional composites but with a protective surface for the added benefits of stain and fade resistance. These low maintenance benefits are available at various price points to offer homeowners a full range of performance options.

Uncapped composite decking products are treated with antioxidants and mold inhibitors in the manufacturing process to deter mold growth and prevent degradation of the boards. Capped composites encase the composite core, preventing wood fiber exposure to the elements and creating a non-organic surface that does not support mold growth.

Some product lines of composite decking products offer solid colors and other options look more like "real" wood and have color shadings and varied grain patterns which offer a more realistic hardwood look over the span of a deck.  Solid colored boards also offer varied grain patterns and provide a unified, more contemporary look.

Composite decking products can vary widely based on solid color and multi-color options, which are designed to offer homeowners aesthetic choices to complement their home’s exterior or mix colors to create a unique, custom deck design.   As a trusted source for composite decking, Fiberon has a wide variety of composite decking products to help you design your outdoor living space to complement your home and lifestyle.


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