Connect to luxurious moments right outside your door. Choose Fiberon Decking.

Our website and Facebook images have changed.

The image of the beautiful couple reclining on their Fiberon Composite Decking was photographed as part of our new advertising campaign.

[caption id="attachment_1914" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Simple Luxury."]Fiberon Composite Decking

We think it describes our products and brand value propositions in a very visceral way.

Would you laydown on your deck?  Probably not.

But we truly cherish outdoor living.  Really.

The food, friends, family, and fun that happens on decks, and patios, and in our backyards… well, it’s a big deal.

The moments of life that happen on our decks are important.

Those moments connect us.

They are simple life luxuries… right outside your door.



We believe Fiberon Decking is the most beautiful decking you can buy.

You have choice.  We hope you choose Fiberon Decking.

So, we took a picture of a pretty couple, having a simple moment on the deck.

Fiberon Decking is simple moments of luxury.

Right.  Outside your door.

[caption id="attachment_1914" align="alignleft" width="450" caption="Simple Luxury. Right. outside your door."]Fiberon Composite Decking


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