Deck Installation Tips: How Big Will Your Outdoor Living Space Be?

When it comes to deck installation, many homeowners simply stop in their tracks.

It makes sense, because there’s so much to consider. But the process becomes 99% easier when you install your outdoor living space using Fiberon building materials.

The best place to start is the design phase. With our design your deck tool, the process goes from overwhelming to fun.

The first thing to think about: how big should your deck be? That depends on your installation budget and intent of use. If you’re using you outdoor living space to surround a pool, you’ll want to go bigger.

But bigger isn’t always better!

On the other hand, if you want to use your outdoor living space as a private, nook-style getaway, you may want to choose a cozier size.

So to determine how big you should build your Fiberon outdoor living space, use these deck installation tips.

Design your deck with a photo of your home.

Our design your deck program gives you a comprehensive experience. In fact, you can upload a photo of your home, and build your digital deck around it! While that’s pretty cool, this feature allows you to see how big to make your outdoor living space.

Consider what goes with your deck.

The deck design system outfits your custom Fiberon deck designs with a number of colors, grain patterns, shapes, and levels. As you consider how big your deck should be, think about stair placements and railing options.

Get Your Material List Ready.

Whether you’re building a king-sized deck or not, there’s nothing worse than doing the work without the proper materials on hand. Make sure that you get everything you need at once, so you won’t stall installation.

Contact a FiberPRO.

At Fiberon, we’ve dedicated our business to helping you achieve your deck dreams during the installation phase and for a long time after that. But even though we offer easier, safer, and more efficient installation, sometimes it helps to contact a FiberPRO to save time.

When you contact a FiberPRO, he or she will be able to offer insight into how big your deck should be. Be sure to share your vision with him or her, and get the deck you’ve always wanted in the size you’ve always wanted.