Earth Day 2010, Taking Care

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Flowers everywhere.... by Per Ola Wiberg"]Flowers everywhere.... by Per Ola Wiberg

Earth Day has become mainstream. More than an annual day to bring awareness in taking care of our environment, the Great Recession has reminded us that security of jobs, availability of credit, deflated housing values, green building, high gas prices, regional water restrictions and more have necessitated that we reduce, reuse and recycle. Most of us recognize our resources are limited and conservation is becoming routine in many aspects of our lives.

Taking care of our environment has become taking care of each other, the things we own and the resources we use for everyday living. Social values are shifting from mindless to mindful consumption as evidenced from data from 500,000 consumers around the world according to author, John Gerzema. People are attracted to companies and products that demonstrate their values.

Using products with recycled content makes us feel better about purchasing products that are more conscientious of our environment by diverting waste from landfills. But the product still has to perform as well, if not better, than competing products. Homeowners are investing in alternative decking products to work less at maintaining their outdoor living areas. Not having to oil, stain or paint your deck every year or two to prevent your deck from decaying, makes life easier and helps our environment. You will still want to clean off the pollen, leaves and debris to keep your deck inviting as a place of solace or to entertain friends and family. So take care of each other and enjoy your deck this season.

See Fiberon Care and Maintenance instructions for keeping your deck beautiful for decades to come.


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