Enjoying Your Deck

Woman and girl dancing on deck

Welcome to the final installment in our series designed to help you navigate the steps to getting the outdoor living space of your dreams! If you missed them, here are Part 1 –DesignPart 2 – MaterialsPart 3 – Working With ContractorsPart 4 – Budgeting for Your Deck and Part 5 - Care and Maintenance. This week will focus on the fun part - enjoying your deck!

Finally, once your deck is built, you get to take advantage of everything it has to offer. Here are some ideas to maximize your new living space:

  • When the weather is nice, try to spend at least a little bit of time on your deck every day. It will allow you to use the deck the way you intended and make the investment worthwhile.
    • Grill out and eat dinner on your deck
    • Lounge with a good book
    • Throw a deck party with neighbors!
    • Decorate for the season
    • Plan a deck date night under the stars
  • Use your furniture and décor to create separate sections of your deck for different activities
    • Grilling/Dining Area
    • Relaxation/Yoga/Spa Area
    • Entertaining/Conversation Area
    • Children’s Play Area
    • Garden Area

For more great ideas about how to enjoy your deck, you can check out our Pinterest boards, but however you choose to use your deck, it will add value to your home and, more importantly, your life. Enjoy your new outdoor living space!

I hope you enjoyed our six part series on what to expect when you're building a deck.  To find it all in one place, you can download our free white paper What to Expect When You're Decking.



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