Fiberon Decking Brings the Classroom Outside

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Many Fiberon Decking families include kids. For them, it’s a crucial time now that the school bells have started ringing. Can you smell the sharpened pencils?

The beginning of the school year means renewed responsibilities for parents and children. Packing lunches, meeting with teachers, and making sure study time happens…

It’s a lot to handle.

When we hear stories from homeowners who love Fiberon’s composite decking, the kids are often the most important part. We love to hear about backyard baseball games, birthday parties, and storytelling that happens by the firepit…

But your outdoor living space is so much more than that.

When it comes to your kids’ education, your Fiberon deck is the perfect place for relaxed study time. While your deck is an “anti-work” zone, your favorite student will enjoy an outdoor education.

After all, a quality education leads to living the Good Life every day. Want to know how to make your deck a little homework haven for your child? Keep reading!


For best homework practices, change the environment 

Kids sit at a desk all day. And much like you feel tired of your office, students need a new space. Your deck is a brand-new environment for your child. In this relaxed atmosphere, your little Einstein can curl up with his English reading on a nice wicker chair.

Our environment impacts our knowledge retention. While most teachers and academic scholars maintain it’s important to eliminate distractions, it’s still of paramount importance to let your child relax.

Can you think of a better place for R&R than your deck? Not to mention…


There’s an amazing benefit to outdoor education!

According to a book published by St. Mary’s College of Maryland professor Alun Oliver, there’s much to be learned from the outdoors. Our environment dictates our mood, and when your kid remains in a tranquil state, he’ll get more out of his homework.

Especially if you have younger children in your household, your outdoor living space is the ideal spot to work with them on projects. From finger painting to clay molding to science projects, you can use your deck as a secondary classroom.

And of course, if your little one hasn’t hit the kindergarten steps just yet, get them prepared! Read to your child on your outdoor living space. Foster that love of creativity and imagination, and you’ll have a kid who loves to learn every single day.


Give your kids the Good Life!