Fiberon Symmetry Decking Makes HGTV Debut

Composite decking and railing delivers long-lasting, low-maintenance design chic

Com-POS-ite or COM-pos-ite?

No matter how you pronounce it, Fiberon composite decking made a big splash recently on HGTV’s hit home renovation series, Brother vs. Brother. Set in the laid-back coastal community of Galveston, Texas, this season features everyone’s favorite property brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, as they go head-to-head in a competition to see who can best transform a tired fixer-upper into the ultimate vacation retreat. Season Five, Episode Four which aired on June 21, was all about our favorite outdoor space, the DECK.

And while Drew and Jonathan couldn’t agree on the correct pronunciation of “composite,” they did agree that Fiberon Symmetry Decking was a great choice for this challenge. After all, the boards look like natural wood, the brothers noted, but will last so much longer – and without all that tiresome, expensive wood maintenance. Plus, the beachfront climate, with it saltwater-laden air, heavy moisture, and humidity, is no match for these hard-wearing deck boards, thanks to their sturdy composite construction and fade-resistant cap layer. Of course, we can’t forget the important role that color and texture play in any outdoor design project. Once again, Symmetry Decking rises to the occasion. The palette is rich and earthy, with subtle streaking and a stunning matte finish – the perfect complement to Drew’s and Jonathan’s artistic visions. Check out the results.

Jonathan’s Deck Design: From Gangplank to Gorgeous

Jonathan’s undertaking was quite ambitious from the get-go, with two levels of renovation to tackle, including a deck and a lower level patio. The deck itself was a decrepit wood space with something akin to a gangplank connecting it to the house.

Which is scarier? The “gangplank” leading to the main decking area or the splintered old wood decking itself? Either way, Jonathan has his work cut out for him! Photo: Paul Ladd/AP Images

His solution: expand the outdoor living space and give it a modern feel more akin to the rest of the home. Fiberon Symmetry Decking in Warm Sienna gave the expansive new space a warm wood look and feel without the worries about decaying boards, splinters, or continual maintenance. Plus, the golden brown color is the perfect backdrop to the tropical tones in Jonathan’s colorful design palette. And since the deck now spans the width of the home, incorporating separate outdoor dining and lounging areas was a breeze.

Fiberon Symmetry Decking in Warm Sienna adds warmth and natural beauty to this party-ready space. Photo: Jill Hunter/AP Images

This comfortable seating area and contemporary fire pit create the perfect after-dinner lounging spot. Photo: Jill Hunter/AP Images

Drew Takes His Space from Outdated to Awesome

Drew had his work cut out for him as well, with a wood deck that was practically crumbling into the sea. After years of neglect, the decking and railing had rotted to a point beyond salvage.

Ouch! This worn-out wood deck is rife with splinters, cracks, and decaying boards. Photo: Paul Ladd/AP Images

Drew’s choice of Fiberon Symmetry Graphite Composite Decking was both on-trend and spot-on for this seaside locale. A mid-tone gray, Graphite works in any setting, coastal or cosmopolitan. Paired with a classic design palette of blue hues ranging from deep navy to aqua, the space really came together as a picture perfect paradise for the entertainer and lounger alike. Like his brother, Drew designed an outdoor entertaining space with distinct areas for dining, sunbathing, and lounging. Adding a pergola heightened the visual appeal and created some much-appreciated sun deflection. Drew even managed to squeeze in a super-convenient bar outside the kitchen windows, cleverly using leftover bathroom tiles to create the bar top surface.

The soothing blue color palette marries well with Symmetry Railing in Tranquil White and Symmetry Decking in Graphite. Photo: Jill Hunter/AP Images

Fiberon Symmetry Railing was a Big Hit with the Judges

What really caught the judges’ eyes, however, was the product surrounding this idyllic deck space:  the Symmetry Railing in Tranquil White with matching beveled balusters. Like Fiberon composite decking, this composite railing is long-lasting, durable, and undeniably stylish. The crisp white color, gently arching top rail, and clean design added fresh appeal and a decidedly nautical flair to the space – not to mention, enabled a much-needed sturdy, stable surround.

Fiberon Symmetry Decking in Graphite, paired with elegant furnishings and accessories, takes this outdoor space to the height of indoor design sophistication. Photo: Jill Hunter/AP Images

Ultimately, Jonathan came out on top for his seamless infusion of fun into an originally dreary and outdated space, though both brothers created gorgeous, enviable entertaining spaces. Want to emulate the brothers’ design choices to recreate your own stunning outdoor room? Start now, and take advantage of our easy-to-use design tools.