FiberPRO Spotlight: RL Rogers Construction

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When we describe Fiberon Decking—this business that we love—we always use one word.

That word is family.

It’s funny, because so many of the professional builders who use Fiberon’s composite decking products are family owned and operated.

One of those businesses is RL Rogers Construction, a family owned deck-building company that uses composite decking to construct beautiful outdoor living spaces.

Speaking of beautiful outdoor living spaces, that’s the reason we’re placing the FiberPRO Spotlight on RL Rogers Construction.




Make Your Deck an Outdoor Living Space

Umm…aren’t they the same thing? Not exactly.Blog 18-2

There’s a difference between a deck and an outdoor living space.

For a few homeowners—whose decks came with the house they bought—their deck is a few boards in the backyard.

Those who employ the services of RL Rogers Construction will enjoy an outdoor living space, where families can spend quality time with each other.

Take a look at the work samples, and you’ll see that RL Rogers Construction truly believes that your deck is the place to eat dinner, hang out, and enjoy the company of people you care about.



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Beauty and Functionality 

Our environments have an effect on us, whether we like it or not.

The drab grays in an office cubicle could make you count the seconds until 5:00 p.m.. So when it comes to your outdoor living space—i.e. your happy place—it’s important to add beauty to its function.

That’s exactly what RL Rogers Construction does! To clarify what we mean by “beauty and functionality,” your outdoor living space should be low-maintenance, and provide you with a space to grill, sip lemonade, throw back a few beers, or read a book.



Your composite decking oasis also needs to give you a visual environment that promotes the good life. And there’s no question that’s exactly what our FiberPRO friends at RL Rogers Construction are all about.


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