FiberPRO Spotlight: American Deck and Patio, Baltimore, Maryland

Meet Dave Lombardo, president of American Deck and Patio, board member of the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA), and experienced FiberPRO.

If you happen to be in the greater Baltimore area and spot an amazing backyard space – the kind that boasts a gorgeous, custom deck; outdoor kitchen; patio; and more -- there’s a good chance it was built by American Deck and Patio.

Founded in 1989 in Baltimore, Maryland, American Deck and Patio builds everything from simple decks and sunrooms to elaborate outdoor spaces complete with decks, hardscapes, and six-figure budgets. As Dave explains in this video, the company covers the Baltimore and DC metro areas as well as Annapolis/southern Maryland.  Between the original Baltimore location and the DC operation, the company completes approximately 100 projects per year. For each one, the goal is the same: to design and build a unique and affordable space using superior materials and construction techniques.

Composite decking is a clear favorite with customers

American Deck and Patio believes its strict attention to detail is what sets it apart from other builders, whether it’s the standard 6” x 6” support posts, the detail-trimmed decking and railing, or the five-year written warranty on structure and workmanship. The company strives to ensure its design will fit the client’s budget, home, lifestyle – even the furniture. And while there will always be that customer who needs a gentle reminder that an eight-foot deck cannot comfortably house a six-person table, in most cases, homeowners are pretty savvy in their decision-making. When it comes to selecting decking material, Fiberon® composites are a clear customer favorite.

Why composite decking trumps wood: durability, longevity, and minimal maintenance

It’s about choosing modern materials for a modern world, says Dave. Just as vinyl-clad windows, PVC trim, and fiber cement siding are highly durable and easy to maintain, so, too, is composite decking. Dave estimates that 80% of his company’s decks are built using composite materials. Increasingly, homeowners are realizing that wood is rarely the best choice, and that “natural” does not equal “optimal,” especially for outdoor environments. With Fiberon decking, there’s no sanding, staining or refinishing needed. And unlike wood, Fiberon decking won’t splinter, crack or decay. Plus, homeowners love the fact that their deck will look just as good in five years as it does on day one. Resale potential, after all, is a major consideration. Should clients ever need to sell their homes, they want to know whether their deck will attract or repel buyers. Here again, composites win. Because even after a couple of years, “there’s no way a wood deck will look as good as a Fiberon deck,” says Dave.

Horizon color palette earns kudos from customers

Of course, not every homeowner is familiar with the benefits of composite decking. For these clients, Dave uses a golf ball analogy. “A golf ball is pretty much indestructible,” he explains. “Short of hitting it on the cart path, you pretty much can’t hurt it. Composite decking is the same way. You can’t hurt it. It won’t scratch or fade. Once I explain it that way, they get it.”

And once they get it, the homeowners want it. The Fiberon Horizon® line, in particular, draws rave reviews. “People love it,” Dave says. “They love the aesthetics: the color palette, the lines.” The multi-toned, exotic Ipe shade has long been a top seller; however, the rich, darker Rosewood color is trending upward. Western Cedar, part of the Fiberon ProTect Advantage® line, is also growing in popularity. In railing, dark walnut Fiberon Horizon is a customer favorite (although Dave says he is a fan of Horizon Railing in bronze).

Best of all, Fiberon decking and railing performs consistently. “We’re not getting called back for issues,” says Dave. And that means fewer headaches for contractor and customer alike.

Deck Lighting adds ambiance and increases safety

Lighting is another big category for American Deck and Patio. A good lighting design invites you out onto the deck every night, Dave believes. Rail post and accent lighting add instant ambiance. Riser lights increase safety on the stairs. To enhance security (especially when the home is unoccupied), using timers with deck lighting is a smart idea. Plus, generally speaking, deck lighting “lasts forever and costs virtually nothing to run,” he adds. Fiberon deck lighting, for example, uses low voltage, environmentally-friendly LED technology and consumes 1/12 as much energy as standard bulbs.

“Fiberon is a top company”

American Deck and Patio takes great pride in building custom spaces that exceed homeowner expectations. Fiberon decking offers American Deck and Patio’s customers a high quality, long lasting product they will love long after the building crew has left.

“Fiberon,” says this accomplished FiberPRO, “is a top company.”

Discover for yourself why American Deck and Patio believes Fiberon decking and railing is the smart choice for easy outdoor living. And check out their amazing lineup of composite decking projects.

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  • JB

    Fiberon Decking is fine, just don’t use American Deck & Patio to build your deck! “American Deck and Patio believes its strict attention to detail is what sets it apart from other builders”…this couldn’t be farther from the truth!