FiberPRO Spotlight: City Decks New York

When you think about Fiberon’s beautiful outdoor living spaces, you think about a backyard oasis. The sprinklers ticking back and forth; the dogs and kids making circles in a lush, green yard.

Ah, the nice suburban life.

It’s not common to think about a concrete jungle spotted with thousands of yellow taxicabs, hotdog vendors, and street musicians. With all those cramped studio apartments, how many New Yorkers actually have an outdoor living space?

Quite a few, actually!

If you’re thinking all the decking fun that Fiberon provides is impossible outside of the suburbs, look no further than City Decks New York.

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 9.13.36 AM
This month, we’re shining the FiberPRO Spotlight on this New York-based deck-builder that specializes in rooftop decks and gardens and patio designs. Simply look at some of City Deck’s work, and you’ll see what urban decks are all about.

For over 18 years, City Decks has served as New York City’s top-notch builder of rooftop decks and gardens. Their clients enjoy morning coffee and evening wine as the city hustles and bustles below them.

With City Decks, a roof is never wasted space! They turn this under-utilized outdoor area into functional, durable, and beautiful places for downtime, relaxation, and fun.

Serving Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, New Jersey, Long Island, and surrounding areas, City Decks uses Fiberon decking materials to turn outdoor areas into dazzling living spaces.

So why all this chatter about how awesome City Decks is? We’re writing a monthly feature on deck-builders who create amazing outdoor living spaces with Fiberon’s composite decking.

Think of it as “deck culture,” where we’ll give our readers the skinny about the builder, the projects, and the area. New York seems like an obvious place to start, doesn’t it?

No matter where you live, or how you want to enjoy your outdoor living space, there is a FiberPRO professional in your area, who can make your dream deck a reality.