FiberPRO’s Photo Contest: Calling All Deck Builders

FiberPRO Contest
Do you consider yourself the Leonardo Da Vinci of composite decking?

The Babe Ruth of the barbecue?

A legend of outdoor living spaces?
Do you complete a decking project, and bask in the immense glory of the masterpiece you created?

Do you like to show off that railing?

Do you constantly dream about a fire pit blazing in the middle of a beautifully constructed outdoor paradise?

Would you like to have your beautiful deck featured on an internationally known website?

Are you tired of every sentence in this announcement being a question?

We invite you to enter the first ever… FiberPRO Photo Contest
April 21-May 2

This is the only competition where you get to show off your decking prowess to the entire Internet, and laugh in the faces of every other FiberPRO-Contest-Rev
designer and builder who can’t match you.

And if you’re a deck builder artist,  a FiberPRO, or sign up to use FiberPRO’s loyalty support system, you have an opportunity to not only earn a badge of honor, but you’ll also have your deck featured on the Fiberon Website.

You in?

Here’s how the FiberPRO Photo Contest works…

  1. Ensure you are a registered FiberPRO
  2. Starting April 21, post your BEST Fiberon deck picture to the Fiberon Facebook Page or on Twitter using the hash-tag #FiberPROPic
  3. Ask friends, family and employees to go to the Fiberon Facebook Page and vote, share, like and comment on your photo
  4. Sit back, let the voting commence, and watch the creation you made gain the recognition it deserves

How does it work?

The contest results are generated 50/50. Half of your points will come from Facebook votes, likes, shares, and comments about how awesome your outdoor living space is.

The other 50% is judged by the Fiberon team.

For more information click here.

FiberPRO Contest 1
Why should I enter?

The way we see it, the ideal contestant has a few very distinct qualities. If you use FiberPRO as your loyalty program, it’s obvious that you’ve got everything it takes to win.

Other than that, if you meet any of these criteria, you’re good to enter the photo contest
You create outdoor living spaces that are durable, beautiful, and enjoyable.
You spend roughly 75% of your time thinking about composite decking.
You enjoy your job and making people happy.
Your decking work is something HGTV would feature, because you build the best outdoor living spaces ever.
That sound like you?

Enter the FiberPRO Photo Contest.