Heat wave or deep freeze: Americans love to grill

Good food, great friends, and an ideal outdoor space are the key ingredients

Whether you favor summertime classics like burgers and s’mores or something a bit more upscale, it’s safe to say that for most of us, grilling is the top contender for most popular deck activity.

With that in mind, here are some fun facts on grilling, as reported recently in the 26th annual Weber GrillWatch Survey.

What’s the number one day for cooking outdoors?

If you guessed Fourth of July, you’re correct. Of the grill owners surveyed, 83% said our nation’s birthday was an ideal day for barbecuing. Other favorites:

  • Birthdays    72%
  • Labor Day    70%
  • Memorial Day    62%
  • Super Bowl Sunday    30%
Surprised by the number of hardy souls grilling on Super Bowl Sunday?

It turns out, year-round grilling is hot – no matter how cold the weather.

  • People who have grilled outdoors in temperatures below 32° F    35%
  • People who have braved temperatures below 0°F to grill    6%
Which begs the obvious question: Why?

According to the survey respondents:

  • Because everything tastes better grilled    58%
  • Some foods just have to be prepared on the grill    47%
  • A little cold can’t stop a “real” griller    44%
  • It’s an adventure    26%
  • "Me" time    23%
  • Two words: football season    21%
Of course, there’s more to it than simply great-tasting food

Grilling is a key component of entertaining at home. And that, it seems, is something Americans of all ages love to do.

  • Grill owners under 35 years old who enjoy at-home entertaining    83%
  • Grill owners ages 35-54 who enjoy at-home entertaining    78%
  • Grill owners ages 55+ who enjoy entertaining at home    76%
When it comes to outdoor entertaining, a comfortable space is essential… like your deck

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