How Hidden Fastener Systems Work for Your Composite Deck or PVC Deck

Ever wondered how a composite deck or PVC deck is able to have a nail free, smooth appearance? It is due to hidden deck fastener systems that have been designed for these products. These systems also eliminate the need to pre-drill holes for installation. What you end up with is a beautiful, smooth decking surface that is low maintenance and free of splinters, warping, and nail pops.

Hidden deck fastener systems are an option when installing a PVC or composite deck. Composite deck boards are manufactured with grooved edges on the sides to allow for the placement of hidden deck fasteners. PVC deck boards do not have grooves, nor require hidden fastener hardware, but allow for side angled screws using a special tool. These systems provide uniform spacing and gapping between the boards, which means there is no guesswork involved in the installation process. This type of system also gets rid of the need to pre-drill holes since there are no exposed screws.

There are several different types of hidden deck fastener systems in the industry that utilize clips, prongs, tracks, and biscuit systems. Fiberon offers two distinct versions of the hidden deck fastener system. The Phantom system was created to install composite decking. The Deck Pilot system is made specifically for installing PVC decking. The systems eliminate surface screws and the mushrooming effect that surface screws can create.

Using a hidden deck fastener system in a PVC or composite deck means that your deck will be free from screw heads showing.  These hidden fastener systems create a beautiful, smooth surface and an easy transition from the inside of your home to your outdoor living space.


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