How to Decorate Your Deck for Summer

When you can count on sunshine, you can count on growth. The flowers have popped out of the ground, sprinkling the landscape with vivid colors that lighten up our lives.

Now is a perfect time to decorate your deck for summer!

Whether you arrange potted daisies, polish up your outdoor kitchen, or grow a personal herb garden, your deck decorations set the mood for the good times you’ll spend on your outdoor living space.


With Deck Day (June 7th) just around the corner, we’d love to see what you’re doing to ring in this celebratory season. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Fiberon Pinterest page for more inspirational ideas!


Make Your Deck a Kid-Friendly ZoneUntitled4

There’s nothing more joyful than watching your little ones grow up. If you’re a parent, decorating your deck means creating an environment conducive to playtime and growing the imagination.

While a blow-up mini pool might not be your thing, consider adding a few pillows on your deck furniture for a more comfortable story time.

If your child is older, set up a corner chair where he or she can slip on their ear buds and turn the iPod up. Toddlers and little ones? Show them how to cultivate flowers in pint-sized pots (and make sure you know the  list of poisonous plants!)


Grow Your Health with Deck Gardening

Even if you have a black thumb in the garden, it’s hard to kill potted herbs. Not only will you feed your family nutrient-rich goodies, but you’ll also create beautiful plants that emit a pleasant aroma.

Throw some terra cotta pots alongside your composite railing, plant a few seeds, and watch your mini-garden grow. If you’ve never grown food before, your Fiberon deck is the perfect place for a new beginning.


Experience the Night LifeUntitled6

You don’t have to go out to a fancy restaurant to experience the best nights of your life. Simply get out to your outdoor living space for a little evening fun.

If you want to squeeze the best experience out of your post-sunset fun, we recommend an outdoor fireplace to keep the good times going. You’ll relax to the sounds of crackling wood.

If a fireplace isn’t your style, how about some accent lights?

Fiberon lighting enables you to enjoy your outdoor living space well into the evening. You can dim the lights for just the right mood. Light up your nightlife with perimeter lights around the deck. Post cap lights or riser lights on the stairs. Make a sunset dinner, and enjoy the night ambiance after the grilling is done.


Give Your Deck a Pop of Color

Colors really set the mood. If you work in a gray office all day, there’s nothing like vivid colors to spark your post-work relaxation. From throw pillows and couch cushions to flowers and edible plants, decorating your deck with a splash of color will brighten up the occasion.

Pick the palate that suits you. Maybe you like the cool blues and greens that promote your serenity. Or maybe you're a red and orange person who likes the look of bold color choices. No matter what you decide, just a few selections will make your deck pop.

Tie a string around your finger, because Deck Day is June 7! What are you doing to decorate for the occasion?