How to extend deck season

Get the most from your outdoor living space with these deck accessories and add-ons.

What’s one of the hottest trends in outdoor living? Fire accessories. Not only do fire accessories extend the decking season by adding warmth, they also add to the ambiance of your outdoor space. When the weather turns chilly it is the perfect time to add a fire element to your deck. But which accessory will work best on your deck and style? We selected our top picks that will work well on any Fiberon deck. As always, we recommend consulting with a professional before adding a fire element to any deck.


Backyard barbeques for friends and family don’t need to come to a screeching halt just because temperatures have begun to dip. Add cozy pillows and blankets to patio furniture and candles for warmth and ambiance on dining and end tables (please note: never leave candles unattended). Interactive beverage stations like a make your own hot chocolate or hot toddy stations will encourage your guests to mingle and move around your deck while food is grilling.  Extending the time that an outdoor kitchen or grill is used keeps the mess out of the kitchen and frees up more time to spend with guests.

Dreaming of keeping the mess out of the kitchen for just a little longer? Opt for building an outdoor kitchen or a custom grill insert on your deck. Check out our deck designer for inspiration and start designing your dream deck.

Fire Pits and Fire Elements

Fire pits offer a wealth of benefits: they make a great focal point, affordable options are readily available, they increase visual appeal and, best of all, they provide plenty of warmth on chilly evenings. Perhaps one of the most attractive features of fire pits, is the option to select wood burning, propane or fire gel. Have a specific style that you have cultivated on your deck? There are many unique fire pit and fire table styles available that will reflect your personal style. Whether you prefer roasting marshmallows or enjoying a night cap, a fire pit is always a great centerpiece for a composite deck.

Helpful Hint: Adding textured throws, colorful area rugs, and a cozy fire pit is a smart, simple way to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere on your composite deck. This Fiberon Horizon deck in Ipe is clearly the heart of this home. Photo courtesy of Bannell Custom Decks

Need a spot to unwind? A fire pit is the perfect addition to any deck or patio. Shown here: Fiberon Symmetry in Burnt Umber

Portable Fire Features

What’s even better than a fire feature on a composite deck? A portable fire feature, of course. When purchasing a portable fire feature consider the size of your deck and how much space you’ll need to accommodate your new accessory. Often portable accessories are favored on smaller decks because they are easy to move from the dining area to lounging space and will accommodate a smaller space without the potential of overwhelming it. Keep in mind that portable fire pots and fire bowls can have different fuel sources which include propane, natural gas and electric. Each power source has benefits and advantages, take some time to research which will work best for you.

No need to compromise on elegance or comfort, portable heaters look size composite deck. Wondering how much your deck will cost? Use our cost calculator for an estimate. 

Outdoor Fireplace

Looking for a more permanent structure on your composite deck? Fireplaces are traditional in nature, and have the habit of becoming a popular gathering place. They are functional during the cooler months and add an element of beauty during the warmer months. Fireplaces are often customizable accessory that can fit any style.  Whether you are planning on building a fireplace out of stone, tile or brick there are many options that can fit your design and budget. Most importantly, you’ll want to consider the weight of the fireplace on your deck, possible venting and fuel source.

Learn more about maintenance and care tips for your deck in preparation for winter.

Patio Heaters

If your local climate is suitable for using your spa during the winter, a staycation is the ultimate way to recharge. By adding a heating element near your hot tub or spa, it will make the transition from soothing warm water to a lounging area much more comfortable.  Patio heaters are a popular addition to outdoor spaces because they are relatively easy to move around and are an affordable addition to your deck.

Mounted ceiling patio heaters will keep designated areas on your composite deck warm and comfortable for friends and family. 

Hot Tubs

We can't think of a better way to extend decking season than with the addition of a hot tub to your composite deck. Hot tubs offer significant health benefits, plus they a great way to  entertain guests and spend time with family. Today’s hot tubs and spas are more sophisticated than older models, offering plenty of customization options that can really transform the overall experience. Of course, installing a hot tub on a composite deck involves careful planning and forethought. Here are some tips you'll want to consider before you begin.

Thinking about installing a hot tub or spa? Read about more about planning for your next upgrade.

Pro tip: Details matter! Adding an inlay is an easy way and give your composite deck a one-of-a-kind look. 

Ready to plan your dream deck? Get our ultimate guide to deck planning and  learn everything from how to design your space and choose materials to how to select and work with a contractor.


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