How to Keep Your Deck Clear in a Winter Wonderland

Europe Professional with Snow
December 21st marks the official first day of winter, but don’t tell that to Mother Nature…or the vast majority of the US.

With snow, ice and other winter weather in amounts well-above averages for this time of year in EVERY region of the country, winter has made its presence felt far in advanced of the “official” start to the season.

And as winter weather veterans know all too well, (and all those southern states are learning quickly) all that winter weather, while beautiful, has to be removed from streets, sidewalks and decks.  If you have a composite or PVC deck, you might be wondering how best to remove snow and ice from it without causing damage.

The best option is to use ice melt that is safe for use on concrete, flagstone and grass.  If the ice melt is safe for those three surfaces, it should not damage your composite or PVC deck.  However, avoid using an ice melt with a colorant added, as the dyes can stain decking.

You should also avoid using sand and metal shovels (or plastic shovels with a metal edge) as you may accidentally scratch even the most resilient decking.

For more tips for snow and ice removal, check out our archives.


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