In Deck Design, Form Equals Function

FiberPRO Bayn Wood of Michigan's Autumnwood Construction joins us again to discuss deck design and provide tips for homeowners beginning to plan their own outdoor living space.  Read below to learn how to design a deck that is truly your own with tips from our pro.

Usually form follows function for deck design.  When beginning to design your own deck, start with how you plan on using this space. Most decks have three primary uses - entertaining, grilling, and egress into the backyard - so think of each of these for your own deck.  Typically, the challenge rests in fitting each of these uses into the designated space and budget you have. Most importantly though, you should add personal qualities to your deck by adding your own touch of flair or style into the design.

When we first visit homeowners to estimate on designing and building a deck, I listen closely to the customer to learn how they plan to use the space and what expectations that have for their dream deck. In planning your own deck, here are a few areas to take into consideration:

  1. Pre-planning:  We consistently see amongst homeowners a lack of planning or consideration as to what they are looking for and how a deck will become part of the architecture of the home and backyard landscape.  Take some time to find a few images of decks that appeal to you and incorporate features you would like to see in your own deck to help the professional meet your needs.

  3. Product knowledge:  There are so many neat products available in deck construction today, and many of these products work well together and add contrast to a backyard landscape.  Take a look at faux columns, low-voltage lighting, railing kits and other decking aspects to help you achieve a truly unique space for your home.

  5. Basic design:  Add ornate flair to a deck with a picture frame border, inlays, color combinations, arbors, skirting, latice, railing combinations and multi-level decking.  The standard square deck is no longer in demand so research design elements to add your own touch to your deck.

  7. Site consideration: Each house and lot is unique.  The deck should flow into the landscape and terrain of the home's environment to compliment the house.

    Homeowners, what design elements would you like incorporated into your Dream Deck? Share below!




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