Inside Fiberon: New Colors for 2011

This week, we kick off our "Inside Fiberon" series to offer a unique look at Fiberon composite decking products.  To start, VP of sales and product coloring architect Bill Ross discusses the inspirations and development process for Fiberon's  new decking color choices.

Choosing new colors for product lines is a demanding process.  There are many considerations, some purely aesthetical; others focused more upon the marketing side of the equation.  You want to name the new colors effectively while respecting the differences between and characteristics of existing families of products.  This process gets increasingly difficult with multichromatic, or what some call variegated colored, decking boards, such as those offered in Fiberon’s Horizon or Outdoor Flooring lines.

For me, the first step in developing new decking colors has always been to look for families of things that offer variations of the traditional decking palette of redwood, cedar, brown and gray.  Barista drinks could offer names such as Hot Chocolate, Tea, Mocha and Au Lait; minerals might suggest titles like Burnt Umber, Ochre, Antique Bronze or Granite.  You get it, right?  For Fiberon decking products we want names and aesthetics that agree with the preconceived notions most people have about what decking looks like.

2011’s new colors in Fiberon's Horizon multichromatic composite decking capture what we believe is a long-term consumer preference: increased variation of colors within a single board and the use of distinct graining patterns to create a more realistic and natural looking surface. These new Horizon decking products are prefinished on all four sides and have distinct, embossed graining patterns to offer a rustic but durable appearance. Both multichromatic colors are as varied as nature intended, with no identically repeating color patterns, guaranteed.

  • Castle Gray: Mimics the New England and coastal preference for weather-enhanced grays like old cedar or flagstone.
  • Tudor Brown: Inspired inland. Think deep woods, true brown like wet bark or the rich colors of stained timber on Tudor houses.


[caption id="attachment_348" align="aligncenter" width="179" caption="Fiberon Horizon Composite Decking in Castle Gray (L) and Tudor Brown (R)"]Fiberon Horizon Composite Decking in Castle Gray and Tudor Brown

Fiberon Outdoor Flooring is different than Horizon.  It’s a bit more subtle and refined.  The surface is smoother, silkier and more sophisticated.  If Fiberon Horizon is naturally weathered, rustic decking, Fiberon Outdoor Flooring is fine furniture.  Gone is the boldness and in its place richness.

We’ve added Spanish Cedar and Jatoba multichromatic colors to the Fiberon Outdoor Flooring line. These multichromatic patterns are based on the patterns and colors of the popular wood products.  In the case of Spanish Cedar, pale tones suggesting sapwood frame the darker heartwood colors that run in the center along the entire length of the board.  This traditional pattern is common to cedar and cypress decking.

The darker Jatoba color is distinctly different but complementary to the lighter options.  The coloring and patterning of this tropic rainforest hardwood is more random and the look is bolder.


[caption id="attachment_351" align="aligncenter" width="202" caption="Fiberon PVC Outdoor Flooring in Spanish Cedar (L) and Jatoba (R)"]Fiberon PVC Outdoor Flooring in Spanish Cedar and Jatoba

What new Fiberon multichromatics would you build your new Dream Deck in? Share below!


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