June Is Wedding Season. Celebrate on Your Fiberon Deck

Dum, Dum, Duh-Dum. Dum, Dum, Duh-Dum.

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Surely you know that famous ditty. It’s Richard Wagner’s famous Wedding March, and this June hundreds of thousands of brides will march down the aisle as those familiar notes play.

What better place to celebrate a life of togetherness and companionship than on your Fiberon deck?

At Fiberon Decking, we offer more than beautiful outdoor living spaces. We think of our product as something that inspires happiness and spending time together.

Not only can you give the bride and groom that gift with an outdoor living space addition to their new home, but you can also host the Mr. and Mrs.’ big day on your Fiberon oasis.

Outdoor weddings are a blast. When it comes to summertime wedding celebrations, June is the perfect time before the next month’s sun heats up. So the bride doesn’t get too hot underneath all that lace, use this blog to make sure the event is one to remember.


Decorate for Happiness on Your Outdoor Living Space

Nothing inspires good moods like pleasant surroundings. Studies have shown that color affects our levels of serenity and enthusiasm, so for the happiest of days, string up some colorful ribbons along the rails of your composite deck. For a calmer feel, try tinted shades of the wedding party colors or classic white.

Really, the color palate is up for the happy couple to decide, but know that when you decorate, you’re doing so to create a happier atmosphere.

You can also throw up some flower arrangements to give the extravaganza a more pleasant visual appeal. Beware of flowers known to draw bees, as those pesky bugs are the last things you want during the big day.


Highlight the Scenery

What’s behind your outdoor living space? Rows of pine? A beach? A creek? Your neighbor’s house?

Whatever you’re working with, you can make your outdoor wedding a smash hit. Emphasize what’s happening behind you with complementary decoration colors. If you look out on a sea of green, add red geraniums or try blue décor for a more tranquil backdrop. Baby’s Breath flowers will also add a nice touch.


Rain Is Good Luck, but Not When It’s Happening

They say it’s good luck when it rains on your wedding day. (Try telling that to the happy couple!)

When you’ve planned a beautiful outdoor wedding for months and the sky opens up without warning, it’s a real drag. Our advice is to be prepared for rainy weather.

It’s never a bad idea to host a wedding ceremony and reception on your outdoor living space, even though you always run the risk of wet weather. Don’t fret, because you can rent a sizable tent that will cover your entire deck without breaking the bank.

Plus, a tent is good to have even if the weather is dry, because the fabric will shield guests from the brightness and heat of the sun.


Happiness Is a Warm Buffet

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Sure, a wedding is about the love of two people, but it’s also about the love of food. When you host a wedding party on your outdoor living space, feed the guests with a buffet of delicious culinary choices.

Since June is when the warmth is a permanent fixture, mix in some cool-down food options. Lay out greens, cold pastas, and shrimp with your grilled options. A little variety never hurt anyone.

In the meantime, make sure all your wedding guests are good and hydrated. While the champaign is flowing, include water and tea options as well.


Got a June wedding coming up? Share your ideas for outdoor living space celebrations in the comments below and visit our Pinterest page for charming outdoor wedding ideas.