From Star Wars to starry nights …

Meet Marty Weiss, winner of the Fiberon $20K deck giveaway.

Like most modern-day parents, Marty Weiss enjoys making videos of his children – albeit with a slightly different twist. While other parents might be content to record the first day of school or those ubiquitous Saturday morning soccer games, Marty opts for something a bit more unexpected: reimagining iconic movie scenes with his children as the stars. Whether it’s his younger son tearing through Brooklyn in a heart-pounding car chase scene reminiscent of “The French Connection,” or two brothers brandishing light sabers in an epic battle worthy of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, the Weiss family videos are memorable and entertaining. And now, thanks to the 2014 Fiberon $20K Deck Giveaway, they are prize-winning as well.

Life was good, until the wood deck went bad

Of course, there’s more to life than making movies. There’s sharing meals, hosting parties, working, and sometimes, simply relaxing, all of which Marty and his wife Kelly love to do on the deck of their suburban home. Life was good for this IT professional and his family --- until the wood deck went bad.

It wasn’t pretty. Mold began growing on the railing; paint was peeling everywhere; boards were splintering and warping. Even the design was problematic. A rarely-used upper deck blocked light and limited useful space below. The main deck ended abruptly at the middle of a kitchen window. And the railing balusters were spaced ridiculously close, obstructing the view and creating a virtual “prison” for anyone sitting on the space. Replacing that deck was a top priority – especially for Kelly, who “would live out there if she could,” says Marty.


“His brand loyalty to Fiberon really impressed me.”

After thorough research, Marty chose a local contractor, ARD Builders of Guilford, Connecticut, to build a new deck for the family. What Marty hadn’t determined, however, was the type of deck he needed: wood or composite. His builder’s advice? Go with Fiberon® composite decking. ARD Co-owner Rick Deberadinis III cited the easy maintenance of Fiberon decking, along with its durability, longevity, and design flexibility as the reasons. ARD Builders works with Fiberon decking regularly. It’s a brand they trust and recommend. Plus, with Fiberon decking, there’s no staining, sanding, or refinishing, and no splintering, cracking, or decaying boards. In short, there’s a lot less work and a lot more time for fun.

“That’s what sold me on Fiberon,” Marty recalls. “The contractor wasn’t connected to the company. He just really liked the product and believed in it. I asked about other composite brands, but he said no, he didn’t recommend them and wouldn’t work with them. His brand loyalty to Fiberon really impressed me.”

“It was like the stars had aligned.”

Before Marty and Kelly could begin their project, a friend who knew of Marty’s video-making hobby (as well as his need for a new deck) emailed a link to the Fiberon contest. “It was like the stars had aligned,” Marty recalls, laughing. “We needed a new deck. Fiberon was giving away a deck. It was a video contest. I love making videos. It was perfect.”

Ever the optimist, Marty informed his wife that he was going to win the deck. He wrote a script that day, recounting the tale of how their once-presentable wood deck had fallen into disrepair, severely hampering the family’s outdoor fun time. Marty enlisted the help of Kelly, the kids, and even the family dog in the filming. He submitted the entry, made it to the finals, and was named the winner. The Weiss family would soon own a brand-new, beautiful Fiberon composite deck.

A deck designed with eating and entertaining in mind

After a celebratory trip to Disney World (another of Marty’s passions), the Weiss family began the deck design process in earnest. Once again, Marty and Kelly chose ARD Builders.  Co-owner Andy Ramage worked with Marty to update the original deck plan. He reconfigured the space to create zones for eating and entertaining. The awkward upper deck by Marty’s home office was replaced with a small balcony-style space, perfect for enjoying a quick outdoor break from work. An eye-catching octagonal entertaining area was added, and the length of the lower deck was extended as well. A new sliding door off the kitchen now leads directly to the grill and dining area. Flared staircases at either end of the deck enable easy access to the play area and create a welcoming entry for guests approaching from the driveway. Best of all, the Weiss family’s Fiberon deck is smooth and splinter-free, and built to stay that way. Free time will be family time, not deck maintenance time.

Horizon Ipe and Rosewood boards increase drama and visual appeal

Marty chose Fiberon Horizon® boards for his new outdoor oasis. The multi-chromatic streaking adds depth and drama to the space. And thanks to a patent-pending surface material called PermaTech®, these deck boards can handle all the fun the Weiss family can dish out. Horizon Ipe was selected as the main deck color, complemented by a darker Rosewood border. Marty and Kelly chose low-maintenance, white Horizon composite railing to replace their worn-out wood railing. Adding round, black metal balusters (and spacing them properly) enables a better view into the yard and eliminates the “prison bar” effect that Kelly hated. “I love how the deck looks,” he says. “I love going out there.”

Having fun and making memories on their new Fiberon deck

With their new Fiberon deck completed, Marty, Kelly, and the kids are spending plenty of time outdoors again. In addition to relaxing and dining al fresco, the family has hosted many gatherings on their new space, with more in the works. And that, after all, is what outdoor living is all about: having fun and making memories. All of which we expect will be captured in many more entertaining videos, courtesy of Marty Weiss.

Meet the team that designed this amazing outdoor space. Check back next week for our profile of ARD Builders.

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