National Enjoy Your Deck Day Survey Results

The Results Are In!

As I talked about in a previous post, National Enjoy Your Deck Day was June 1st. As part of our celebrations we conducted a survey to find out how people enjoy their decks and I wanted to share some of the more interesting results with you as the first day of summer rapidly approaches.

Days Per Week Chart

1/3 of Respondents Use Their Deck Every Day

Decks are popular all across America and Canada. 1/3 of respondents, representing 31 of the 50 states and Canada, use their decks every day. Based on its rainy reputation, I was most surprised that there were so many people who enjoy their deck daily in Washington State.

Nearly 70% of Respondents Prefer to Read on Their Decks

Rather than play games on their decks, 69% of deck owners enjoy their deck by reading! Card Games came in second with 23% and (in a sign of the times) third place goes to Tablet Games with 10%.

Comfortable Deck Furniture Deemed Most Important Item on Their Deck By 60% of Respondents

Other important items included gas grills, dining tables and potted plants, herbs and flowers. If you're in the market for new items for your deck, check out our Deck-orations post from last month!

Beverage Chart

Lemonade/Iced Tea and Beer Top Drinks People Enjoy on Their Decks

Cool, refreshing drinks (both non-alcoholic and alcoholic) make sitting on the deck more enjoyable according to respondents. Coffee and tea drinkers made themselves heard though, with “Coffee or Tea” pulling in at number three!

Improvement Chart
Maintenance on the Mind

Various maintenance issues were the concern for 81% of respondents – including 40% of respondents who wish they didn’t have to paint or stain their deck. Additionally, when asked about improvements they would make to their deck, over half of respondents said they would use lower-maintenance materials!

Decking Decisions Shared in the Household

In nearly 75% of households, decisions about type and color of decking were shared equally between partners, while wives had a slight edge over husbands if it was a sole decision (15% vs 11%).

As a composite decking manufacturer, we love learning about how people enjoy their decks, whether they are wood or composite. Feel free to share how you enjoy your deck in the comments or on our various social media channels. We look forward to hearing from you!



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