Pro Spotlight: Gordon Whittaker

Meet Gordon Whittaker

This week we introduce you to one of our FiberPROs, Gordon Whittaker – master carpenter & owner of Alter Eagle Residential Building and Construction in Sonoma Country, California. For more info on Gordon and his company, visit

Hello, my name is Gordon, a 30-year master carpenter and owner of Alter Eagle in Sonoma County. We are nestled in the Redwoods by the Pacific Ocean in the wine country of Northern California. With our stunning vistas and enjoyable year 'round climate, decks have become an extension of our interior living space. Spending quality time on our decks has become a life-balancing feature of our lives. Our customers are enjoying decks as entertainment areas for their families and friends as well as sanctuaries from the bustle of daily life. Outdoor kitchens, hot tubs with privacy screening, and shaded pergolas that offer refuge from the afternoon sun are all very popular here. Our customers want a mixture of textures and colors with rock features melded into decking designs, for example. They crave decks and outdoor rooms that trend away from the listless square.

[caption id="attachment_109" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Bodega Deck by AlterEagle"]composite decking

They don’t want a "make work project," but a low maintenance place to escape and enjoy. That is why we recommend Fiberon composite decking for its quality and one of the best warranties in the decking market, period. I don't have to worry that my customers will be faced with problems in the future. I have used Fiberon decking for many years now and I built my own deck with it. The new tropical blended colors are my personal favorites. With the ease of installation and invisible phantom clip, it’s win/win for clients and builders. There is no sacrifice of beauty for sheer strength and functionality.

I design our decks to conform to the natural look of the surrounding landscape and to be practical in size for the owners' needs and enjoyment. One of our recent Fiberon decks, the Bodega Bay Project, was featured in a national magazine article that is posted on our website:

[caption id="attachment_111" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Fiberon Tropics Deck by AlterEagle"]composite decking

I listen to our customers' dreams and try to balance the design to their wishes and budget, while also following local building codes strictly. We also discuss features such as designated area usage, surface levels and stairs, supporting structure, low voltage and solar lighting.

Every project is a new and exciting challenge. I just love my job and I love creating great spaces for my wonderful clients!


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