Recent Survey Puts Curb Appeal as Most Important Exterior Upgrade

Builders say curb appeal is most important to buyers wanting exterior upgrades. In a recent survey of
Professional Builder magazine readers, “great design/curb appeal” was the most important issue for buyers regarding their home exterior. Rounding out the top five considerations when evaluating exterior design schemes were energy efficiency 53%, low maintenance 53%, weather-tight construction 40% and porch space/outdoor living 27%.

According to the survey, most exterior upgrades included siding material, elevation changes/design upgrades, windows, and front doors. Builders saw greater increases for stone areas, multiple exterior surfaces and color combinations, indoor-outdoor spaces and large sliding or folding door sections that open to allow better flow from inside to outside. Comments on the biggest change in product offerings in the next 24 months included more material choices, use of stone and stone veneer and more elaborate outdoor rooms with larger covered outdoor living areas that open directly from the inside, making the line from inside to outside almost unnoticeable.

And from a homeowner’s standpoint, whether selling your home or simply enjoying it, improving the exterior spaces around your home is not only attractive to home buyers, but also a beautiful getaway for you and your family—right outside your door.

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One Response to “Recent Survey Puts Curb Appeal as Most Important Exterior Upgrade”

  1. Dave says:

    Great article. I am in the exterior cleaning business and work with many realtors to increase the curb appeal of homes for sale. I thank you for the article and will pass it on for sure.

    Your company has some very nice decking products. I would appreciate more information as to what type of cleaners are actually safe to use. Your technical specs are somewhat vague when defining cleaners to use (or I missed it) I went through your whole site to be sure.