The Fiberon Decking Commercial: A Behind the Scenes Look

With old man winter finally subsiding, we figured it was high time that Fiberon Decking showed off our outdoor living spaces on the small screen. And thus began our venture into shooting a commercial with our friends at HGTV.

Fun times ahead! As we worked to film a commercial that showcased just how awesome our composite decking is, we quickly found out that television production was no picnic.

What follows is a step-by-step process for filming an outdoor living spaces commercial. From getting the cast and crew on board (pun intended) to the final rap, here is your behind the scenes look at our commercial.

Step #1: Prep the Team

When your team goes in to commercial mode, it’s paramount to establish your vision early on. Of course, part of the preparation is wardrobe choices.  Our team worked diligently not only to find the outfits that would pop on camera, but also who should wear those outfits.

As is evident in the photo, this process was trial and error. Even though the male talent would look quite dashing in bright couture, he felt much more comfortable with a khakis/polo combination

Mission accomplished.

 Team preparation goes beyond wardrobe appropriateness. You must also get the script ready, and make sure everyone embodies the spirit of the Fiberon Decking mission, which is to design and create awesome outdoor living spaces.


Step #2: Build the Script

 When a decking company films a commercial, so much depends upon the quality of the script. The Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman once said, “I write scripts to serve as skeletons awaiting the flesh of images.” While we took a less anatomical approach, we took Ingmar Bergman’s advice to heart.

The script served as a launch pad for the visualization. If you’re a decking aficionado--and if you’re reading this blog we assume you are--then you know that outdoor living spaces are the most aesthetically pleasing part of a home.


Step #3: Decorate the LocationUntitled

As in real estate, filming a commercial is all about location, location, location. For this commercial, we wanted to project an image of serenity and deep relaxation.

We took a natural approach with a wooded location. Because Fiberon Decking loves the Earth, we made sure our presence added to the environment, instead of trashing it.

Take a gander at this pretty picture, to see the eco-friendly design we chose for the location shoot. If you love outdoor living spaces as much as we do, you’d love nothing more than to plop down on those faint chairs and read a book while listening to the birds whistle.

Unfortunately, we had a commercial to film. Our deck time had to wait, even though those yellow pillows were particularly comfy.


Step #4: Get Ready to Film

Once we had the actors prepped and the script prepared, we needed to get ready for shooting. All that equipment you see in this photo enabled light and sound to reflect our mission on the screen.

We are happy to report that no one suffered a boom mic injury (thank goodness.) So in this photo, you’re looking at just a few elements that we needed to get into place before shooting. This preliminary process ensured we finished on schedule and without any unforeseen hiccups.

Just like the Boy Scouts, we are always prepared.

Step #5: Consider Your Color 

Ah, color schemes. With an entire rainbow palate to chose from, we wanted our commercial to stand out. The yellow pillows popped against the green and brown backdrop. The actress’ red dress also provided a nice contrasting hue to the earth tones.


Step #6: The Question of Wardrobe BTS4

Conservative or trendy?

Low cut or ballroom length?

Yellow silk or black cotton?

There was so much to choose from in the wardrobe department.

Once we determined that our male talent didn’t exactly shine in the red dress, we tried it on our lovely actress in this photo. Needless to say, she looked radiant. Red hair, red dress; what did we have to lose? 

With a tight timeline, we wondered whether or not the model should bring her own outfit. We also wanted to make sure that the costuming spoke to the HGTV audience.

Well, since the HGTV audience is all about aesthetics, better living, and personality, the red dress did the job flawlessly. 

Step #7: The Trouble with Woodland Locations

We hate bugs.

No, we don’t offer our composite and PVC material just so insects won’t ruin your awesome deck, but the contrast from bugs, splinters, cracking to lasting beauty is the whole point of the commercial.  

No denying that.

With a wooded location shoot, you’ve got to deal with not only insects, but also the threat of rain and other icky weather. Just like your next deck-based barbeque, your success hinges on a little pregame planning.

With sunny skies ahead, and our decking material being bug-proof, we shot in a lovely location. No problems there.

A few of us were worried about aggressive deer, so we’re thankful that Bambi stayed behind the tree line.