The Good Life of Autumn

Blog 24
As the summer heat falls by the wayside, it’s time to celebrate the days of orange and brown leaves, jack-o-lanterns, and pumpkin spice lattes.

And of course, who isn’t excited to put on a Halloween mask?

We hope you celebrate the Good Life every day, and the arrival of autumn is yet another reason to get on your Fiberon deck for some fun once the nights get a little crisper.

But not all autumns are the same! Depending on where you live, you may experience something different. No matter which region you call home, you can have yourself a Good Life party.


Autumn in the Northeast

All those brilliant colors in the trees! Dead leaves make for one beautiful landscape in the Northeast. It’s popular this time of the year for New Yorkers to travel to Rhode Island just to see the changing colors.

If you live anywhere from northern Maine to southern Delaware, you can expect a lot of tourists in your area. Nothing wrong with that, but you can get away from all the hubbub of tourist season by escaping to your outdoor living space. Listen to the cars go past, and feel relaxed in your backyard.

Autumn in the Southeast

In the Southeast, autumn is a welcome change after the melting heat subsides. As residents of North Carolina, the Fiberon team will tell you firsthand that the trees almost look as if they’re on fire.

If you live in this region, celebrate the end of the heat wave. And there’s no place better to enjoy the chilly winds than on your Fiberon deck with a cup of cinnamon tea.

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Autumn in the Northwest 

Autumn in the Pacific Northwest brings a flurry of gold, yellow, orange, and red in those massive trees. It’s great hiking weather! But what do you do when you get back from a long day on the trail?

Get out to your deck! While you’re there, look at the tree line if that’s your view. You’ll notice vine maples, larches, and aspens pop with vibrant colors.

Autumn in the Southwest

Often seen as the kingdom of dry heat, the Southwest has beautiful fall weather. From New Mexico to Arizona, you can see the landscape come alive with vibrant hues. Even in the deserts of Santa Fe!

If you live in this region, fall gives enough reason to step out onto your Fiberon deck, and breathe in a little mountain air. Now, that’s the Good Life!

Let us know: how do you celebrate autumn on your Fiberon deck?