The Weiss Family Wins $20,000 Fiberon Composite Deck

Congrats to Martin Weiss and his family! With thousands of votes and social media shares for his Deck Day video, the Weiss family will take home $20,000 worth of Fiberon’s composite decking products.


Well over 16,000 people voted in our Deck Day Giveaway video contest, and sufficed to say, everyone had a blast. With all the Facebook shares and Tweets, so many outdoor living space enthusiasts were pulling for their favorites, and having a great time doing it.


Speaking of fun, that’s what Martin Weiss’ video entry is all about. When it comes to outdoor living spaces, it’s all about the little moments you share with others. Martin’s video highlights father and son bonding, baseball games, cookouts, gardening, dog playtime, holiday celebrations, and more.





For the Weiss family, their outdoor living space is just that, a living space. And since this young couple, their kids, and pets spent so much time hanging out on the deck, it began to fall to pieces. (Because it wasn’t durable composite decking, but it soon will be!)


From flaking paint to warped boards to mold to nail pops, the deck this family loves so much needs a serious upgrade. Thanks to all the voting and social media sharing, that’s going to happen.

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Now Martin won’t have to strap samples of Fiberon decking to his feet just to feel what it’s like to walk


around on durable, beautiful composite material. (Confused by that sentence? We would be too. )


On behalf of the entire Fiberon Decking team, we’re thrilled that the Weiss family will build more and more memories—only this time, the fun they share will happen on a brand new composite decking masterpiece.


Congrats to Martin and the gang! We’re excited to send you a brand new $20,000 outdoor living space. Oh, and if the Weiss family is reading this, send us some more hilarious videos once the new deck is installed!