There’s an affirmation for that.

Here at the Fiberon offices we have been brainstorming about what would go into an iPad application created for our products.

When I jog I use the Nike Plus GPS app on my iPhone.  It tells me how far, and how fast, and where I went.  This morning, at the end of my run, NBA Champion Dirk Nowitzki came on through my ear buds and said, “Good run.  I’m impressed.”

It got me thinking about what affirmations might work for a Fiberon Decking app for contractors and/or homeowners.

Can you imagine…?

From a recipe app:  “This is Paula Dean.  That’s a nice looking ham!”

From Bob Villa:  “Good job!  You measured twice and cut once!”

From Fernando Lamas, as played by Billy Crystal:   “Your deck looks marvelous”.

From your neighbors and cousins after you build a deck with Fiberon Decking:“We want to come over”.

Can you think of a famous person affirmation that would work in your life, or on your deck?  Send them to me or comment on the blog.


About the author:  Mike Coombs is the (new) E Media Manager at Fiberon.  He’s pudgy from a long history of enjoying his deck.  You can reach him at [email protected]




2 Responses to “There’s an affirmation for that.”

  1. Mary says:

    Mike Holmes from HGTV!

  2. Mike Holmes Good choice Mary!