Three Ways to Customize Your Deck

The design of your composite deck should reflect your personality. There are various features that can be used to customize your composite deck, such as colors, shape and railings, just to name a few. Fiberon professional Bayn Wood of Autumnwood Construction Inc., shares three ways you can customize and personalize your deck.

Style: Don’t think you must be limited to using one type of composite decking color. You can use various colors to enhance the beauty of your deck. In the picture below, Bayn and team designed a beautiful Fiberon composite deck. As you can see, a Fiberon Horizon rosewood deck with a two-tone triple picture frame border was constructed. The border was used to tie in the railing color and to mimic the colors of the house, which was clay trim and red brick.

use more than one composite decking color
composite decking

composite decking
Shape: Why limit yourself to a standard square or rectangular deck? You have the option to get creative and choose the shape of your deck. Autumnwood Construction Inc. created a 1200 square foot Fiberon composite deck that exemplifies the use of shape. The elaborate deck pictured below had a two-toned triple picture frame border in shape of a dodecagon.

composite decking and railing
Features: Spice up your deck with some exciting features--the possibilities are endless. Autumnwood Construction Inc. has installed various features to meet customers’ wants and needs. As seen below, lights were installed beneath each step on the composite decking staircase.

Border boards are another unique feature to enhance the design of your composite deck. There are many options when using borders. The photo below shows a deck with triple-tiered fascia border. Other features used to design decks may be inlays, fountains, planters, benches, pergolas, railings and decorative posts. To learn more about Autumnwood Construction Inc., visit their website, Facebook page, Twitter feed or blog.

composite decking and railing
composite decking designs

  • We’ve used Fiberon on many jobs and customers love it!! It has that wood look and appeal without the wood upkeep. Great product!