Top Five Ways Contractors Can Create Leads

As a contractor or professional builder, you know your business needs leads, but maybe you’re unsure if you’re doing everything you can to generate those leads.

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Here is a list of the top five ways to get leads for your business:

  1. The #1 way you can generate leads is REFERRALS! Word of mouth and reputation is crucial. A good referral is essentially free advertising. You might even consider showing your customers your referral process.
  2. Local consumer home shows are another way to generate qualified leads. The average booth can produce around 20 leads with a closing rate at about 30%. Keep in mind, this ratio is subjective and dependent on presentation of the product displayed. And be sure to have a few different products on hand to show you are well versed in decking. Success from a show can also depend on the show’s location and length.
  3. You can also use the web to help with lead generation. You should consider hiring a specialist to help you optimize for Search Engines, link to manufacturers on your website and use multimedia, like video. A good website will usually show a wide variety of pictures and designs of deck and rail.
  4. Local advertising is still a great way to create leads. Radio, newspapers and local magazines are a fantastic way to get into local consumer’s homes. When advertising in such media, you should consider running specials. For example, “NO tax”, “Free upgrade to hidden fasteners” or “free water features.”
  5. Explore using popular social media channels. Look for people in your area and monitor the most popular conversations. Join the conversation and use this as an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise. You might also use social media for exclusive promotions to attract a new customer base.

What about you? Is there a way to generate leads I left out? If so, share your secret in the comments below.


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