Unique Deck Requests

With custom composite decks as their specialty, Breyer Construction & Landscape LLC has provided homeowners with beautiful results. Matt Breyer, President of Breyer Construction & Landscape LLC, shares his most unique deck requests from customers.

As a deck designer, I have the unique opportunity to meet with 300 - 400 folks each year who are at some stage of “thinking about” a new deck or repairing/replacing their current deck. Along the course of these encounters, I have had some questions or requests that the client felt was unique… and there have been some requests that I as a contractor felt were a bit out of the ordinary.

composite deck design
Fortunately, working with people to design and build “the fun rooms” of the house allows us to creatively work together to answer their questions and satisfy their requests. Keep in mind when working with a qualified deck designer or builder; this is what they do this for a living so there is a good chance that they can address your unique request. For us, we have found that the requests break down into two separate areas: project requests and business requests.

A project request often asks to mix and match different manufacturers of decking and railing, or even using several manufacturers of various components to create a custom deck that isn’t otherwise available on the marketplace.

It may even take finding a manufacturer that is willing to create a custom item to satisfy specific design criteria. Sometimes however, it’s using traditional manufactured products to create a more unique or personalized space, such as a pergola, roof, or gazebo to define a specific area, for example.

Occasionally homeowners request to “stretch” the traditional limits of construction by bending boards.

composite decking on an outdoor living room
composite decking
composite decking with pergola

Using decking materials to create another structure or custom engineering to preserve a view or environment is also requested occasionally.

In any case, it involves a specific visual or “lifestyle” concern to the client that is unique, and a willingness of the deck designer to work with available materials to provide a solution.

The other area we see special requests is in more of a general business sense. These requests are not necessarily deck specific, but they are part of the overall business of building/renovating decks. This could involve a staggered payment plan, possibly accepting a credit card or even a trade! Several years ago we took in two old Jeep Wranglers (one of which even ran) in exchange for a reduced project cost. It meant that we barely covered our direct costs on that project…but the client was happy!

composite decking materials
And finally, the strangest request I’ve personally ever received from a client came AFTER the details and design were confirmed and the contract was signed. It was explained to me that my clients had an elderly neighbor with a preference for doing her yardwork in the nude. I was asked to have our guys rebuild the client’s deck while wearing little to anything, just to spite the neighbor.

We kept the client and the project, but as much as I like to keep our clients happy, we politely declined to fulfill in this rather unique request.


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