What Deck Builders Do is Artistry

Fiberon sells composite deck boards and railing. But what deck builders do with it, is artistry. To them, it’s not just a deck board. It’s a building material that creates decks, porches, benches, planters, pergolas, partitions, fencing and outdoor kitchen cabinets. Outdoor areas have expanded from living and relaxing spaces to hardscapes and landscapes with outdoor kitchens, yoga and meditation areas, spas, raised herbal beds and fire and water features.


Most of us think of a deck as a square space attached to the back of a house. If it were left to me to design a deck, that’s what I would start out designing. Take a look at these artisans and what they have created with composite decking and railing. These pictures are amazing examples of how the deck-building pros elevate their carpentry skills to artistry. Their expertise in handling composite products offer unique, durable and beautiful spaces that keep their good looks. Look at the way these creative deck designs have angles, circular areas and insets. Even the railings are combinations of materials and colors. Options are infinite and accent lighting can be added to both decking and railing for homeowners to enjoy their backyard retreats well into the evenings.


Hiring a pro puts your project in the creative hands that can offer you the outdoor living space you could not have imagined. What a talented pro can offer you is a custom backyard respite that not only adds value to your home, but quality to your life.


Check out our web gallery to see decks built with Fiberon, our deck design idea tool (also an app), to select styles and colors and see similar decks and our contractor gallery to see more decks built from deck pros nationwide. Looking at their work is inspirational to the potential enjoyment every backyard has.

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  1. Giovana says:

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