What is the cost for wood and composite decking?

Cost of Composites
Recently, Consumer Reports ran several articles and reviews comparing wood decking to alternative decking materials.

They reported that pressure-treated pine is very popular and very inexpensive. However, the pressure treated wood changes quickly and has shortest deck life expectancy. The initial cost for pressure treated wood is relatively low, and is very attractive to consumers. But the long-term costs for repairs, upkeep, and replacement tend to be very high.

Exotic hardwoods are very expensive, and their deck life span is much longer; however, exotic rich colored hardwoods require a great deal of work to not turn a gray and are often very difficult to maintain.

The initial cost of composite decking materials is competitive with hardwoods. However, the long-term costs are much lower. Composite decking has a very long life span with very little maintenance needed.

The cost of composite decking won’t break the bank, particularly when you consider the long-term savings.

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